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I wish Space Rangers (2002) was still available - I regret not buying it when it was. I used to have the DVD boxes for Space Rangers and Space Rangers 2. Space Rangers was the game I played all summer until I completed it. I then tried the sequel but didn't like it - lots of little changes that seemed to have less charm. Same with the later remakes. But the 2002 version was lovely. It's a shame that we can't buy it again, and the only way to play it is to download it for free, due to the mp3 licensing issues (I think). If the publisher started selling it again I'd buy it in an instant.
I second this.
I agree, it completely sucks that we are denied the ability to buy the first game. I don't care about the remakes and HD remasters and whatnot, just give me the original.
Since it is abandonware there is no problem with downloading it.
I made a torrent with the game so others can play it.
it is also available on 2 abandonware sites, but one only has the russian version.

The reason it became abandonware is due to legal issues with using the mp3 format at the time.
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jujugotoday: it is also available on 2 abandonware sites, but one only has the russian version.
GOG's version has the opposite problem of having EN only. The truth is the EN translation is, in all honesty, "far from great", it suffers from the case of zero native EN speakers properly reviewing the result. Do you by any wild additional chance know an official patch making the 1st and 2nd Space Rangers Russian? I missed what I used to have on a real disc.
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