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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

Changelog for Patch 2.1.2155 / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 02 September 2016):

- Fixed a bug due to which some items detonating from the explosion (but not detonated yet) missed grappling hook icon;
- In case of failing screen initialization with desired settings game now runs at 1024x768 resolution;
- Fixed a rare crash occurred at galaxy creation;
- Fixed a bug that prevents information messages icons at taskbar from blinking;
- Fixed incorrect display for some items in software rendering mode;
- Fixed missing update of player’s ship parameters right after giving nodes to flagships:
- Fixed a crash due to player dies while aiming the mouse at Terron, transforming a star;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

Balance changes:

- Tranclucators no longer attack ships of different fraction while player is not in their system;
- Dominion points now adds not only for robbing peaceful ships, but for destroying military vessels, military bases and capturing star systems for the pirate clan;


- Text quests now transferred into new QMM format, same as Space Rangers: Quest use. They have all patches made for SRQ (including support for external parameters). TGE tool is also updated;
- You can now buy more goods at trade section than your ship empty storage space;
- In addition to sorting by type for items alphabetical sorting now applies;

Previous changelogs available here.
Update on GOG? Hell has frozen...
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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

Changelog for Patch 2.1.2170 (added 07 December 2017):

Bug fixes (the errors corrected by hotfixes after the previous build are listed) are also listed:
- Fixed crash when the game tried to make the auto-session being collapsed;
- Fixed crash when copying pirated cards by cheating ExtraOne;
- Pirates of the clan no longer attack the player when releasing systems if the coalition is defeated;
- Fixed crash when the player died immediately after the end of the planetary battle with the Terror;
- Fixed the flight in the mission of surveillance of the diplomat from the girls special agents;
- Fixed the appearance of extra items in the store of the planet or base after calling on the bridge "Shadows of the Empire";
- The text in the government was corrected at repeated hit in prison before takeoff from the previous time;
- Fixed a bug that allowed flying with overload, using the dialog with Tranquator;
- Fixed a bug due to which Makarov's saving capsule remained hostile to the player after the dialogue, even if he agreed to spare him, and could be accidentally destroyed by splash damage or torpedoes;
- Fixed various bugs and typos;

Additions and innovations:
- Added new features for modders;

Changelog for Patch 2.1.2266 (added 07 December 2017):

Main features
- Difficuty levels higher than 200%;
- Global balance changes - item drop chances, etc.;
- Two new music tracks;
- Tons of small fixes (complete list follows).

Bug fixes (including fixes and changes delivered via hotfixes after the previous build was released):
- Fixed an error that leads the game to crash after player’s death;
- Fixed a rare error when loading a save file from a much older game version;
- Fixed an extremely rare error that crashed the game when boarding a space station;
- Clicking on the minimap during dialogue with Keller in his black hole no longer crashes the game;
- Fixed an error that showed wrong damage values on weapons;
- New Coalition attacking algorithms try to gather more military ships when attacking hostile systems especially on higher difficulties;
- Fixed an error in counting when military ships switched their base planet after their previous home was taken by hostile factions;
- Uninhabited planets should no longer become unexplored once again after the player didn't visit the solar system consecutively for two years;
- Pirates attacking Dominator systems should no longer be picked as a target for elimination missions;
- Fixed two small and rare errors that took place during paying a fee when players return to pirate faction;
- Pirates no longer suffer strong unnecessary penalities after Coalition was defeated;
- Fixed an error in a dialogue when buying Submodem off a pirate base while advanced adjustment on randomized outcomes is turned on;
- Pirates no longer demand the player to pay off the bribe too aggressively when player belongs to their faction;
- Pirates no longer turn hostile towards the player in case he eliminates peaceful vessels and Coalition military ships;
- The decrease of relationships is calculated more correctly when the victim is hit by an exploding cistern;
- The cost of nodes no longers calculates incorrectly when combining two large piles;
- Pirates no longer behave incorrectly once all their weapons get broken;
- Keller vessels in black hole no longer have maximum possible health points after Coalition is defeated;
- Fixed swords symbol animation speed on the galaxy map when Pirates and Dominators fight in a solar system;
- All those swords symbols no longer disappear after loading the game;
- Several interface elements were corrected in order to fix wrong colors;
- Black hole closing animation now works properly;
- Open and closed hull slots should be seen when checking a hull in the hangar;
- The game tries to spawn player further from Gralgar in case there are no eligible systems in the middle of the map (spawn in the middle advanced adjustment);
- Rangers and pirates gather items of the same type more efficiently;
- User guide now opens correctly from an in-game button;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

Balance changes:
- Brand new difficulties up to 500% can be selected while pressing both SHIFT and CTRL;
- Any pirate ending of the game without Defeating all three dominator bosses will lead to a reduction in the points of the record by a quarter;
- The battle of Rogeria is finished automatically after slaying a thousand of Pirates;
- Transfactorial Beacon no longer causes radiation sickness;
- Dominators send less forces when Transfactorial Beacon is used often in a short period of time;
- Trading experience penalty accumulates twice as slow;
- Dominator equipment drop is no longer regulated by the humanoid technology advancement, all dominator items may drop anytime, though more expensive equipment requires higher average capital of all rangers (pirates if Coalition is defeated);
- Dominator equipment much more advanced that humanoid analogues cannot be used until much later; dominator equipment slightly more advanced than humanoind analogues can be equipped but not repaired or upgraded on Dominion or Scientific Base until later in the game;
- Distress signal prefers to drop cheaper equipment first;
- Several Dominator types acquire access to new weapon combinations on highest difficulties and in the lategame on lower difficulties;
- Limited Dominator aggression during the first months on higher difficulties;
- Rangers Centre analyzes player’s equipment and at first offers micromodules that can be used on available equipment installed on player’s ship;
- Camouflage changes accordingly when switching to bigger or smaller hulls;
- Uninhabited planets may contain electronic cutters and theoretically even multiresonators (requires a new game to be started);
- Lower requiments to generate better and expensive equipment on uninhabited planets, items up to fifth technological level can be generated (requires a new game to be started);
- Probability analyzer works more correctly to fit two previous changes;
- On 400% and higher difficulties Blazer's shield generators power is locked at 86% (requires a new game to be started);
- Jumping range of broken engines reduced by 40%;
- Equiment wears 1.5 time quicker on 50% repairs difficulty;
- During fights between different Dominator series the frequency of expensive loot drop is based on the luck difficulty;
- A third less Pirate rank points for destroying bases, a quarter more for destroying Coalition flagships;
- Better equipment on military ships and pirates during the battle of Rogeria, better equipment on original Mister Shoe;
- Player automatically leaves pirate faction on attacking pirate ships after the military base lands on Rogeria;
- Tranclucator cost includes costs of its equipment inside;
- Reduced the difference between black hole difficulties;
- Dominator vessel models in Keller's black hole should better fit their size and their minimal dimensions are much larger to be easier to hit;
- Stronger acryne bonuses, weaker skill penalty on Biogenic droid, reworked Nanobrolyte bonuses including much weaker speed penalties;
- Reduced jumping range bonus on Lightning hulls, weaker skill and number of weapons penalties on Peaceful Corsair hulls, added droid on all Conscientious Renegal hulls;
- Lambald to be sold much more often on Ranger Centers;
- Stronger bonuses on Jumpa, Strutter, Maform and Microsize micromodules, no negative effect on Jumpa;

- Added a new game ending for rangers who eliminate the huge pirate fleet near Rogeria instead of landing and finishing the text quest;
- New option that turns off animations in main menu (reduces loading time);
- New advanced adjustment option to remove the limitation of using dominator equipment;
- To compensate the new equipment rules vertixes created using the cheat code VERTIX now are made by Coalition races;
- Removed the requirement to equip both radar and scanner to scan enemies when cheat code ULTRASCAN is active;
- Added new features for modders;
- Two music tracks added to the game;
- Refreshed user guide, updated some incorrect and outdated information.
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Changelog for Update 2.1.2288 (added 18 February 2019*):

Bug fixes (including fixes delivered via hotfixes after previous build release):
- Fixed missing “End of transmisson” dialog option when interlocutor doesn’t want to trade with the player;
- Fixed a bug causing Military base or Dominion to teleport to the area outside the minimap at the system;
- Fixed a bug making ships incorrectly transparent when trying to land at the base which gets destroyed during landing sequence;
- Fixed partially missing illustrations in the “Foncers “ text quest;
- Fixed incorrect damage calculation for player exiting black hole;
- Fixed incorrect node charge trying to fix Dominator’s weapons before reaching necessary tech level;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

Balance changes:
- Little tweaks to planetary battles starting conditions to increase map variety;

- Script code optimization (to fix lags at some mods);
- Added new features for modders;

* Game was actually updated, and changelog added on 28 March 2019.
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Changelog for Update 2.1.22883 (added 05 June 2019):

- Fixed an issue with game crashing after player finishes it.
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Changelog for Update 2.1.2300 (added 26 June 2019):

Bug fixes (including fixes delivered via hotfixes after previous build release):
- Fixed few specific errors related to base game – mods interactions;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

- Three brand new musical tracks from out great fan Meanone;
- Added new features for modders;

Standalone installer updated: 05 August 2019.
Hello, when will the released patches 2.1.2345 (November 11, 2019) and 2.1.2369 (January 20, 2020) appear?
I.P.: Hello, when will the released patches 2.1.2345 (November 11, 2019) and 2.1.2369 (January 20, 2020) appear?
Yeah I can't believe these are STILL not here!

I contacted GOG support in December last year about 2.1.2345, and I was told GOG still hadn't received the updates form the devs/publisher, and couldn't give me a timeframe. Then they closed the ticket, and that was the last I heard of it.

I've since complained on Steam (which of course DID get the updates), along with some others, but so far they're ignoring us over here.

Seriously disappointed in these guys. Probably the worst case of treating GOG people like shit I've encountered yet (and there have been more than a few devs/publishers that do this, but these guys are really being assholes).
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Changelog for Build 2.1.2345 (25 February 2020):

Bug fixes (including fixes delivered via hotfixes after previous build release):

- Fixed a bug during battle with pirates near Rogeria, which allowed some of them escape the system and prevent player from finishing the quest;
- Fixed ability to input unsupported symbols into characterís name;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

- Added brand new, in-game mod manager. Ability to load saves with different mods without restarting the game;
- Added new features for modders;

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Changelog for Build 2.1.2369 (25 February 2020):

Bug fixes (including fixes delivered via hotfixes after previous build release):
- Fixed incorrect AI behavior using ìrandomî advanced adjustment option (sometimes ships could remove their equipment without a reason);
- Fixed enormous equipment wear from Bitter Pelenosia disease;
- Removed undocumented side effect from Ragobam Whisper stimulator, which caused AI- interlocutors to have 50% chance of dropping cargo while being extorted (like the One-eyed Khamas stimulator);
- Fixed incorrect jump button animation on galaxy map;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

- Added new ìhull growth algorithmî option in advanced adjustments;
- Added new features for modders;

Standalone installer updated: 2.1.2300 ⇒ 2.1.2369.
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Changelog for Build 2.1.2400 (30 September 2020):

Bug fixes
- Fixed planetary battles bonus options – player can’t choose more frequent reinforcements on maps that doesn’t allow reinforcements at all;
- Fixed a bug which lead to displaying only one congrats text all the time after liberating a system for a pirate clan;
- Fixed scripted NPCs ships could be generated without money and with minimum starting equipment;
- Fixed a crash in female special agents missions;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

- Added new built-in mods: new graphics for Dominators (two versions: 15 and 30 FPS) and German language translation (replaces current language when activated, includes same text quests, as English translation)
- Added new features for modders

Standalone installer updated: 2.1.2369 ⇒ 2.1.2400