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I was thinking of writing a quick walk-through for this game, not because I feel particularly expert at it, but simply because its a tricky game with a steep learning curve. Steep enough, arguably, that it might occasionally lose players who have trouble with it and give up.

My walk-though would be pretty simple, nothing in-depth and authoritative... just enough to help out all the people looking in vain for a guide (I didn't find one, maybe I just didn't look hard enough? My Google-fu sometimes lacks finesse). Perhaps there's one in another language that could be translated? I wouldn't even know how to look for such a thing.

Anyways, I beat the game on easy and normal, felt pretty good about my strategies... then I tried expert. I figured, anyone writing a guide should at least be able to beat the game on it's hardest difficulty, right? Ugh. Start with less money, quests are tougher and give less money, and the arcade battles seem tougher. To make matters worse, the Klissans seem to be taking over my galaxy pretty quickly. Now I feel like I'm the one that needs a walk-through.

Anyone done it? I'd love to hear strategies and/or tips/tricks from a true veteran ;)
General SR1 tips can be found here, though you probably saw this thread already since it's near the top:
Yeah, definitely a good thread for any beginner to read.

I wouldn't be writing up any groundbreaking strategies or anything, for the most part I'd be compiling existing information. Things like solutions for all the quests, item lists with comparative pros and cons, general strategy and game focus. Battle tactics, ship design, money management, knowing when to repair, strategies that are relatively ineffective and why...

There are a lot of little things I'd want to solve before I start writing.

1. I'm a little unclear on exactly how certain stats work. For instance, I don't know how pilot mobility works, and how it goes on the stack for calculating end damage. I also haven't yet tested everything charm does. If it literally just boosts relations it seems pretty worthless, since you can just accomplish the same thing by changing your race at a pirate station, or simply avoiding actions that cause races to hate you. Maybe it has a hidden bonus like boosting quest reward money? I also haven't tested any leadership strategies, since I generally found followers to be underwhelming. There are probably some good uses for them that I simply haven't tested or thought of yet.

2. How exactly item availability is determined, and if/how it can be affected in a positive manner. If there are ways to gain access to higher tiers of tech early I'd love to know ;)

3. How exactly item upgrades are determined. For instance, if you upgrade a weapon, what determined whether the range or damage is modified? When you upgrade your hull, what determines how much bonus you receive? I've had hulls receive +4 for expert upgrade, other times +7, etc.

4. What items affect the arcade battles! Is it literally just weapons and nothing else? I'm terrible at the arcade game, so if anyone out there is really good at that and wants to write a section for that, feel free. Also, what affects the difficulty of the arcade enemies? That is to say, what choices do you make as a player that modify the weapons/life/etc of the hyperspace enemies.

I'm sure I'll think of many others as I go. If anyone has input on anything, or wants to contribute to a guide I'd certainly welcome the assistance.
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