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Just wondering if anyone else here has been following the progress of The Two Guys' current project SpaceVenture. It's been in development for the better part of four years, and if all goes well should be released by the end of next month. Any Space Quest fans looking forward to playing it?

Speaking for myself, I can't help but be excited for it. The Kickstarter had already ended before I had a chance to back it, but I did pre-order it. I'm hopeful they can deliver a solid product full of laughs like old times.
Not too excited. It's a graphics issue. I like the graphics of Space Quest 3-5. I didn't like 6 and this new game obviously uses a whole new graphic style. Just don't care for it. 256 colors or less and low resolution is my preference.

Wish them the best on their new game though.
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Strictly In terms of graphics, it's definitely a departure from Space Quest, but only because each installment of Space Quest is a product of its time. Stylistically and thematically however, SpaceVenture appears to align with the spirit of the Space Quest series, and is still just following the natural progression of the available graphic capabilities.

Ultimately I'm just glad that the Two Guys reconciled and have been working on something new, and hopefully the new game still exhibits all the old charm and humor that Space Quest always had.
I've been hearing about this for a long time. It's still saddening that they couldn't get the rights to Roger Wilco to do another Space Quest game, but if this game comes out I'll gave it my best shot. I wonder how they lost the rights to their own character
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They truly didn't lose rights to anything. The rights belonged to Sierra all along, and by extension belonged to whatever parent company owned Sierra over the years. That parent company for several years has been Activision.
For those interested, it looks like it's been delayed again:

They're no longer committing to a specific release date. Not sure how to feel about that.