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I'm a huge fan of the Space Quest series. I already own the whole series and paid a pretty penny on Ebay for boxed versions. I'm tempted to buy just to see if they are the talkie versions. Yep, there are different versions of the games. There was diskette versions for each of them for people who didn't own a CD-ROM drive because they were so expensive. I bet your saying, really? Yep, it's true. Now onto the games.
They are all constructed the same way of adventure games from that era. It was way back when the maximum potential of the home PC was 50 to 100 mhz and before that 8 to 25. So you can imagine they had limited means to display and perform functions on the computer. Enter point and click adventure games where you direct the action of a character. Not in a sense of heightened danger but in innocence. Everything in PAC adventure games are pre-scripted but that doesn't make it any less amusing. For instance say you want to plunger a toilet, back in the day you had to type what you wanted to do. Like, Use plunger with toilet, "You spent an hour plungering the toilet but it does no good maybe someone should give you a hand for wasting those precious moments of your life which you'll never get back." In the computer giving you guff for your effort lies the clue to solve the puzzle.
In later days they switched over to a mouse interface where it was easier to perform actions but took away from the human element. It just made it seem more robotic to have a mouse doing all the work and more like a GUI (Graphical User Interface) then a game. So now you have our hero named Roger Wilco. He was born into a long lineage of janitors but the universe has something great in store for him. Mind blowing adventures with out of this world aliens and the Two Guys from Andromeda. Wait a second you'll have to check out the first 3 games if you want to get a back-story of the Two Guys. On your way there stop by the local Monolith Burger and get a bite to eat. See how many spoofs and parodies you can spot at the local Galleria Mall or sit back and pump buckazoids into Astro Chicken in the Arcade. Yes, these games have it all adventure, romance, and comedy. If you've never played them before buy them now because you've missed out on some great entertainment.