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gibbeynator: The Space Quest Collection over on Steam appears to have been updated to include SQ1EGA, but there are reports that they didn't remove SQ1VGA. If that's true, then there's finally a definitive bundle to buy.
Yeah. But that means buying them all over _again._ I have them in the original boxes. I bought them when they re-released several times, most recently in... 2006?... (or so)... then bought them all on (I made an account on here specifically to buy the Sierra games, so I could simply download them, whenever, where ever I was)... So then, to purchase them again on _Steam_ would be a pain.

What's interesting - if there was some legal battle over specifics or whatever the case may be - that this one doesn't include AGI - it's odd that Steam has it, but not here?
Steam collection is on the current Humble Bundle for $1 along with PQ collection and Phantasmagoria 1 & 2. Pretty good deal even if you have the GOG version.