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Like the topic says, I'm getting stuck...literally. I'm on Polysorbate LX at the beginning of the game and I use my mouse to point Roger where to go (usually to the next screen when the cursor says "EXIT") and sometimes he will walk to the next screen and sometimes he will get stuck on nothing and I can not get anywhere. He only faces wherever I click, as if he wants to get there but just can't use his old janitor legs to walk there. This happened to me on the screen with the implant shop and the screen outside of the Arcade and Bar.

I've messed around with the detail and speed slider, as I've had many problems in other adventure games where these sliders saved my hide (Skate-O-Rama from SQ4 comes to mind...) but just no luck! Has anybody else had this problem and have they gotten past it? Or even know how to get past it? I hate having to restart my game every time it happens.
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