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With space quest 4 and Quest for glory 1, I'm having weird sound effects that sound completely different than some videos I am seeing. For example, the ship in the intro makes no engine noise when it's hovering above the city street, and when roger comes out of the portal it makes a really weird sound.

I'm using munt for mt-32 music, and that works fine, but the sound effects are just flat out missing or different. When I uncheck use digital sound effects in Scummvm, some sound effects are gone for the portal instead of the weird sound I mentioned before. I have tried a bunch of settings to try to fix the issue, and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?
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I tried older and newer versions of scummvm without success.
I tried the old dobox installer version and that works fine no audio problems with dosbox.

I did this recording of the problem I have:

is yours the same?
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