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I have the games listed in ScummVM config window, for the games I have installed, but I was wonder if there way to take the config and make shortcut that launch it?? instead of having to go threw the ScummVM 2.0 config window?

also found strange bug where if I load save after I died the sound is mute like goes mute. *Example* in sq1 when you get on the skimmer that mini game has engine noise coming from skimmer, but if i die and reload save the engine noise is gone, but comes back moment i hit a rock hit f2 to turn sound from on to off and back to on does not fix this. And other times I just I think sound are just out right missing.

As for sound I think the ScummVM 2.0 default uses Tandy sound cause if I force PC speaker is sound horrid like it did on my 486 computer when I original played them. and setting dosbox to tandy machine is the tweak for audio, but ScummVM dont have tandy option in audio

How should the emulator audio be setup for best sound using onboard realtek audio?