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I just played this game. It's AWESOME! It is possible that the best "Space Quest" game ever is a fan game and not an official game (Disclaimer: At the time I started this thread I haven't played all the fan games. Just this one). Most of the memorable characters from the official games are in this game and it introduces some cool new characters. The storyline is a little confusing, but great. The humor is great. The soundtrack. is. AMAZING! One of the the top soundtracks I have ever experienced in a game, official or fan-made. The puzzles are perfectly fair, and very well hinted-at, and that wasn't always the case for the official "Space Quest" games, or for Sierra games in general. There's not one stupid puzzle in the game. It even has an element of replayablity, because like some of the other fan games (AGD Interactive's "King's Quest 3" and "Quest For Infamy" come to mind), it has achievements. If you get all the achievements, you get some sort of reward (I wouldn't spoil it here even if I knew what it was). I got 4 of them on my first playthrough.

I just can't say enough good things about this game. The only downside is there's no voice acting at all. Everything else about the game more than makes up for that. 10/10
No one else wants to comment on this great game?
Not saying it's not great. Speaking for myself, I generally don't gravitate toward fan-made games. So I can't comment on it.
I would love to comment but I haven't played it yet. Back in the days, I played the Space Quest II remake and Vohaul Strikes Back and I intended to play Space Quest Incinerations next, but at the time my work was becoming more and more exhausting and by the time I began playing Incinerations I found myself constantly falling asleep while gaming, my brain would have trouble staying focused on the plot, trouble remembering conversations with NPCs, trouble remembering clues for the puzzles, trouble solving puzzles and I think I decided to move on to something less exhausting for my brain, like Duke Nukem 3D or something, I forgot. So I put Space Quest Incinerations in a folder of games to play one of those days but I haven't gotten around to play it yet. But I know I will one day.
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Yeah, the plot is pretty confusing. It took me multiple playthroughs to really get it.

If you can't remember conversations, you can always go back and talk to people as much as you want until those people leave or you move to the next chapter of the game, but when that happens you don't need to talk to them anymore. Yeah, there are some cut scenes with conversations that you can only see once, but it isn't essential to remember any of those. Although it's a tribute to a Sierra series, it's not a Sierra game, so there are no dead ends and there's nothing like the "Name of power" puzzle in QFG2 where there's an essential piece of information that you'll hear just once and if you forget it, too bad. There's nothing like that in "Incinerations." If there's an essential piece of information you need to know, you can talk to the person who told you it as many times as you need to.

As for trouble solving puzzle, didn''t you say in the "Vohaul Strikes Back" thread that you try every icon on everything to get all the funny messages in the game as well as to accidently solve puzzles? That works just as well in Incinerations.
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