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since i want to play adventure games again, and think i will play the space quest games too some time in the future, i wanted to know about the dead ends, i still want to play the games myself, but i want to be stuck and begin a new game because of a dead end

oh and since i only played 1-3, but cant remember them at all, no spoilers :)

the same goes for the kings quest forum, where there is a similar thread ^^
Yes, there are dead ends.

I'd still recommend playing though.

Just be careful about using objects! And remember to search places for items and clues.

Most importantly though, save often!

I can't really list the ways which you can get stuck without spoiling the games though.

These games aren't that long, so if you do need to go back it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
They are lots of dead ends in Sierra adventure games.
Don't just save often, but make multiple save files!!

I recently reached a dead end in Space Quest 2 -__-
I thought I just wasn't solving the puzzle right, so I looked up a let's play of it, and found that I apparently missed some important object along the way (darn!)

I actually miss games that have dead ends, and multiple deaths XD
(even though they can get to be annoying)
The first 2 Space Quest games have a fair number of dead ends, but after that, none of the games have more than one dead end. Space Quest 6 has zero dead ends.

I know this is an old thread, but I'm bumping it for any modern-day newcomers to the Space Quest series who have the same question.