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- full accurate rebalancing of all ships properties and availability: cargo ships are light, heavy ships are slow and strong etc
- more schematics needed for larger ships, especially bounty
- granularity between rez size and cargo ships: small cargo ships won't pick large rez blocks, but rez value is up
- unification of weapon slot: each w.slot can equip beam, cannon and missile weapons
- unification of passive weapon slot: each p.w. slot can equip drones, mines, bombs or missiles
- extended lifetime to important items on battlefield
- warp gate is cloaked and a bit stronger, this enormously improves cloak tactics
- no goon cloning, goons available in crates/ships/bases
- all four hangars have an equal size, but size progression is slower
- great increase in resource capacities of clockwork
- small gravity missiles perform energy sap instead, renamed to "warp missiles"
- bases a lot more formidable, this includes endboss
- ultimate armor plating is ultimate, instead of mediocre
- various fixes to translation
- fixes to consistency of item properties in descriptions
- different experience speed formula - about twice as fast
- mines, missiles, bombs, drones power improved - can be used as attack weapons too
- huge fixed turret introduced, vanilla only has large version

1) right-click on attachment image -> save as
2) change the "jpg" in extension to "7z".
3) extract archive contents into "Mods" subfolder.
4) in launcher, select "More Fun Mod".

Mod is provided in source code form, and is automatically compiled by the game on first run.

New game recommended.

License: LGPL

Current version: 2
Post edited November 08, 2017 by Lin545
The mod has been updated to 2.
Changelog summary: descriptions were further improved, missile weaponry nerfed small bit.
Download: 1.1 see 1st post in this thread.

Below are historical versions attached (1.0)(1.1)
Post edited November 08, 2017 by Lin545
Version 2 released, push.

Version 2 is basically bug-tested version 1.1
I have not yet finished the game run, but it works pretty well from here.