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SOLVED ... kind of

i wanted to edit some files. specifically the hull (and/or weapon) files so i dont have to collect as much (or none) blackboxes of the unlockable ships as i find it quite tedious to have to kill some faction ships and after that do quests for them again just to recover my lost reputation. so as long as i cant buy it...

anyhow It seems im too dumb to locate the original script/resource files (*.cs). the only files i see are the compiled *Hulls.cs.dso ones. and editing those doesnt work for me.
as per description of the official forum it should look and work like this:
( link: )

As for the ships, add a " // " in front of the blueprint requirement in the ___hulls files, each ship will need this.

datablock HullDatablock(HullScout : HullSmall)
friendlyName = "Ranger"; //swapped name with ranger

imageMapShield = "ship_scout_shieldImageMap";


RUCost = 30;
NumBlackBoxes = 3;
hullTypeXPMult = 1;

RUCost = 30;
//NumBlackBoxes = 3;
hullTypeXPMult = 1;
the *Hulls.cs.dso files have of course a different syntax.

thanks in advance if anyone could point me towards the right files or hint towards another solution!


is to use this mod from the official site ( The Vanilla Control+S ):
download the file, extract the folder into the "mods" folder and of course select it via the launcher.
my "workaround" with this is: if you found a ship that you think you deserve for some reason, go to a befriended factions space station and spawn in the desired ship as the opposite faction as often as it takes to pick up the full blueprint. it might not be pretty but it works. and of course use this cheat only if it doesnt spoil your singleplayer fun :P
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