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In SPAZ by default the ships fire all weapons in sequence. First gun 1, then gun 2, then gun 3 etc.
This conserves energy, but makes ships with several guns very very weak.

This method allows for all gun weapons to fire at once, then each weapon has own delay - but if you hold down your mouse, they all will refire after own delay. This makes your ships MUCH MORE powerful and muliple canons fire WALL of bullets instead of sequent.

To toggle, run binary with "-Cascade=0" parameter.

Edit ./
Find line " ./$bin_name"
Change it to " ./$bin_name -Cascade=0"

Any upgrade will overwrite that. Or start game as
"$yourinstalldir/game/SPAZ -Cascade=0"

Unfortunately, GOG game starter wrapper ( reads parameters and parses them as OWN. It does not send any command line parameters to main game binary (SPAZ).