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Changelog for update 1.605 / GOG-9 (MAC) (added 20.07.2015):

- The Mac version of Space Pirates and Zombies has been updated to provide support for Mac OS X Yosemite.
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Space Pirates and Zombies 2

Changelog for patch 1.001 (added 08 December 2017):

- Adds Chinese localization
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Space Pirates and Zombies 2

Changelog for patch v1.100 (added 31 January 2018):

Proving Grounds:
- If you have ever wanted to see how your ship would do against the local Arena ship, wish no longer because you can now have a simulated battle vs arena ships to test out your designs with no risk to life and limb.

New Map! (Hexor):
- This new 110 territory map is hex based. It is a much more traditional strategic map but it turns out to be quite fun to play as well! It is only available in Sandbox Mode.

Engine Boost Changes:
- We are experimenting with a new boost system that requires 20% boost fuel to start boosting. This is in response to user input that players were holding the boost button down indefinitely in battle because they were overwhelmed or just forgot. This lead to the boost never recharging.
- Now what will happen is once the boost pool is empty, it will instantly start filling, but boost cannot re-engage until it is 20% full (only takes a couple of seconds) So if you are holding the boost key too long now, you will get repeated boosts as the pool fills to 20% then drains then fills etc... 20% is about the required boost to actually get the ship moving and it doesn't take too long to fill.
- Some had suggested just to let the boost pool totally fill once drained even if the key was pressed, but not to start a new boost until the boost button was released and pressed again. We experimented with this as well, but it felt like a bug to have a full boost bar and no boost happening.
- This change is experimental. Give it a few days and see how it feels. Personally we like it, but we want to hear your thoughts as well.

Here is the complete list of changes/fixes/additions:

- Relations hit added with a transport owner when it is destroyed.
- Relations hit added with faction leader when capital transport destroyed.
- Fix for rare case where player is second last in faction and the faction leader gets zombified thus forcing the player into role as faction leader and starting own faction.
- Fixed case where you could be moving while the assign starbase menu was active, causing potential weirdness.
- Fixed case where strike craft needs 1 blueprint to level up to level 6, but 2 are currently spawned in the level and picking up the second blueprint erroneously says the strike craft is now level 7
- Fixed zombified faction member phone call creating non exitable menu after zombie faction destroyed.
- Fixed issue where a player base couldn't be built if the zombie war meter filled while the player was a member of another faction.
- Added sort captains by distance on the faction info pane. Makes easier to find joiners and get to them quicker when you run a faction.
- Fixed case where battlewagon would fire missiles at targets out of range when another viable target was in range, but the lock was still on the out of range target.
- Changed: New engine boost mechanic where if you hold down boost it will now regen up to 20% before starting to boost again. Initiating boost now requires 20% boost juice, but if you hold the boost button all the time, it will now do something each time the boost recharges to 20% instead of just staying drained until you release the boost button.
- Added Proving Grounds to all Arenas. This lets you test our your own mothership build vs the Arena ship you would usually pilot in a simulation.
- Fixed outdated hangar tutorial image from before the big v0.8 upgrade to the new strike craft system.
- The weapon group HUD now has text to show what the icons mean, so people can find battle wagon mode more easily if they missed it in the tutorial.
- Text and translation updates
- Reworked the objective coloring system so that green objectives are things to do, and grey ones are completed so it is consistent throughout the flow.
- Added new 110 territory hex based map called Hexor. Can be found in the sandbox options.
- The infection balls the zombies shoot now have warning effects on them to show bio hazard.
- Fixed the broken alpha mask on the zoom scope.
- The being chased line on the map is now more scary so it is harder to ignore.
- In VR mode, the cursors now lock to the slide bar they are sliding so you don't need to be a surgeon to use them.
- Fixed VR restore defaults button not saving settings.
- Improved method for adjusting the VR menu position with motion controls.
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