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So, this time we are investing into Agility, and with that will use "Traditional Ranged Weapons", aka slingshot, bow, and thee like.
These weapons are in theory fast, but definitely have crap damage. We can call this build the "Hard Mode". Yes, there is a hard mode for the game (you can change the difficulty whenewere you like, but my bet is, that'd just cause more trip to the base for healing).

You start with a slingshot, and likely that'll be your weapon until clvl 4, becase you won't have the stat-requirement to hold a bow, nor have the money to buy one.
Bows and slingshots ARE fast weapons, the fastest available in the game. But the damage is not good. Use every trick in the book for this one, eg: dodge! No, there is no dodge-button, but still, dodge! The enemy has no regeneration, so sniper 'em if they are on a platform, they can not retaliate! Lure away 1-2 enemies to deal with them! Don't forget to have on you a couple of healing packs!
Missiles have projectile, and turns out with this build you can actualy shoot from behind covers without the enemy capable the same thing.
Durability of Traditional Ranged Weapons do not deplete if you aim at containers (eggs, larva ZR-50). This is true even if the shot gets blocked by something. I could test this. Not sure what happens if you aim at enemy but the shot gets blocked.

A minor note: if you screw up and draw too much attention to yourself at the very beginning, you can run in to the base, and the sluice will eliminate the chasers. I'd avoid this solution though, as you get no exp from this. This also rises the question of what happens if a mine eliminates an alien.

quests and rewards:
A biodome: rescue the hostages
reward: (light) axe (you can save and reload at the questor for a better qulity)
available weapons in the shop:
- light slingshot, slingshot (obviously, they all suck. Low dmg, low durability.)
- light bow
- light crossbow
- light sawlauncher (there must be a trick here aside the price and requirement, this is simply too good)
B biodome: the aliens trying to divert the energy from your sector. Destroy the regulator!.
reward: random tier 1 biochip (implant). You can save&reload in front of the questor for a more suiting one.
C biodome: retrieve special energy containers.
reward: tier 2 bow (15-20 to 25-30 dmg. 25-30 requires 120 agility, or dexterity, or whatever it is called in english.) I'd go for that with add all stat and buy some armor maybe. EDIT: slash this, the all stat attribute costs a fortune to maintin, not sustainable at this level (or maybe ever).
available weapons in the shop:
- light slingshot, slingshot, battle slingshot (8-10 dmg, so this rly sucks)
noteable enemy strategy: against the Walker simply shoot. The attack speed of this build is insane, I think causes near-stunlock, and the damage is actualy not that bad.
- light bow, longbow (check the quest reward before buying)
- light crossbow (yes, this has slower firing)
- light saw launcher (same slow firing speed as the crossbow. I think it has piercing.
D biodome: The aliens are pssing in the water. Stop the contamination!
reward: random tier 1 biochip.

Equipment equipping trick:
- have an equipment which you can wear with +stat in its requirement (eg. Strength for Armour, Science for Energy Weapons, Agility for Bows) that allows you to equip a piece of equipment you can not otherwise
- have an equipment ehich you can't wear for having too low stat. This also needs to have the same kind statboost on it.
- the higher req equpiment can hold itself by its own bonuses if you first equip the lesser equipment, and have enough stat on the higher equipment that with its bonus and your own stat the req is fulfilled.

Eg. You have 100 stat. You have a bow which gives +10 all stat (or just agility) and has the requirement of 100 agility. You also have a bow that has 110 agility requirement, and has a +10 all stat (or just agility).
Equip the 100 agility bow, then equip the 110 agility bow.
It's not much, and mostly useless, but when the time of need comes, this is an option.

E biodome: Kill the Alien Queen.
reward: tier 2 energy weapon
NOTE: this build is the DPS king. But has a serious repair-cost of weapon. Also, somehow resists never seem to appear on bows and such.
TIP: the 20-25 bow makes noticable work on the queen, but even a lower quality will do the job, as it is a sequence-fight. You shoot, it comes close, you run away while the attack animation happens. The damage you cause though is simply not enough, and I dpeleted my stamina twice during this chase. I'm not entirely sure what a medicit does (does it refill the stamina bar along HP?), but what I did is actualy more effective: teleport to the base. This is actualy safer than using a stimpack, as it instantly disables the enemy AI. That's the problem with this method of healing too: if you lured away a pack, they tend to go back to their place, or wonder all over, so I usualy only tp when it's calm.


Dumped my character, and started a Scavenger. This challange has the following rules:
- rise Science to 45, rest into Agility
- you can use energy weapons, but never stand on a pod to recharge energy, or recharge otherwise. This means with every levelup you have energy to waste. You SHOULD use your energy, otherwise you CAN run out of weapons!
- never repair. Preferably anything, ever. Endgame equipment is under consideration.
- if you are out of ranged weapons and energy, you should use melee weapons - or even your fist!
Let's see how far until I'll need to repair.

F biodome:
The aliens blocked one of the transmitters. Liberate it!
reward: high charges random (or fixed energy shield?) high tech item. Entirely useless without absolutely focusing on the Science-stat.
G biodome: there's a mcguffin that can create biochips. Bring it back.
reward: money
Since the last map I feel the need for more resists. 25% I settle, given there's no Tier 3 implants (biochips) at the shop yet (or I'm very unlucky).

NOTE ON WEAPONS: Bow has the longest range, only this can outdistance turrets. Always keep a bow in the stockpile for that reason. Slingshots' duration is the shortest, though maybe barely a step up from energy pistols.

H biodome
The medic knows about a medical gadget to retrieve.
reward: random tier 1-3 biochip.
NOTE: again felt the need for more resistance. Decided to reload 100 times, got a high-end (27%) allres implant way sooner.
I biodome: The aliens are building a Deathz Star Cannon. Dismantle it.
reward: money
J biodome
The aliens try to dismantle a teleport connecting sectors. Prevent that.
reward: ?
This biodome, or maybe even the previous one seems to be your last chance to buy tier 1 quality equipment (non-STR-builds armor, low charge high tech gadgets come to my mind). Also, while until now I accumlated a pretty ok amount of spare ranged weaponry, recently the pile got thinner. I even used up the spare melee weaponry (there was a convenient teleport and a healing pod to do this), and they were surprisingly not-that-bad. Also noticed the durability-loss is not random, so went there and used up all the leftover hits in my accumlated 0 durability stuff. I spared the last hit, because probably selling them to the shop would actualy worth more than the last hit in them.
NOTE: while previously I checked and enemies killed by mines did not give exp, checking here I found they actualy do. So beat me how this works. Well, with this character I reloaded when accidentaly triggered mines and squished enemies with them, so we'll see.
K biodome:
The aliens want to blow stuff up. Prevent this by blowing stuff up.
reward: armour (high STR-req -> useless here).
Take notice that mines are prevalent on these levels. Use them extensively. Knowing where the mines and the banthas are is a hugh advantage though.
L biodome: the aliens are collecting information... To clone Hack? Whatever, go and grab a miniature black hole and erase the data!
reward: tier 3 twohanded sword
M biodome: there's a chance to rise a barrier, and cut off the aliens.
Reward: tier 3 shield.
In this biosphere mines exist, but using them, especialy efficiently is almost impossible, even if you know where they are.
Also on the sidenote, while at a point I got worried if the weapons will sustain me through, now it more seems armor will evaporate. They are flying off from me, most likely for all the ranged enemies. They don't cause too much harm, and the armor doesn't protect almost anything, but still.
Interresting fact though, I accumlated like twice the amount of helms (this equals the droprate).
The weapons started accumating for finding some crossbows with ca. 15 duratons. That holds out for a long while.
The terminator-drones are absolute devastating though. Trying to dodge their shooting is like not happenning. Weirdly, the slignshots work against them fine just standing there with their ultrafast shooting, still consume stimpack while doing it, there's almost no knockback-effect like for energy-wepaons.
N biodom:
The target now is some kinda command center, which can both send a sign to Earf, and set all teleporters to let everyone to the mothership.
reward: tier 2-3 implant
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O biodome:
the quest here is the main quest. Ugh.
There is this map with all the Discworld Noir trolls. The first is kinda easy to lure on mines, it stands next to a couple, straight ahead of the starting point, so unless you lure it out, it's kinda easy to blast into oblivion.
the next is a wall behind the first, and kinda tends to wonder away from the spot it ment to be. Fortunately there is a small dead-end to lure it on one of the mines.
The third is much more of a problem, as it is in a small alcove, on top of some mines, and there's no chance putting it back there once it comes out. So reaching the corridor make an archive save, pack some stimpack, and run in. Don't worry, there's enough space behind the mines to get out of the blast radius. Getting out of the alcove is an achievement in itself, but still easier than not usiing the mine(s).
The fourth is around the waypoint-teleport, which is sorrounded by 3 mines. Work it out, it's not that hard.
When reaching the yellow gate you'll see 2 mines on the side when stepping out. Those are good mines, nice mines, beautiful mines, preserve them, nourish them, let them be. They are at the perfect place to blast trolls away if you ran out of options!
The 5th troll will be straight ahead nearby, very close to a mine initialy, so don't hesitate, don't waste your time!
The next troll is on the other end of the central corridor. If you blow up the first mine on the left, you can lure the thing close to the second, run away, approach from the upper platform, put it on the remaining (second) mine, and ta-dah!

The second (middle) corridor on the right has nothing interresting in it (it has the blue pod).

The last corridor on the left has the green card, but otherwise nothing interresting is going on.

The second (middle) corridor on the left has a mines, and a troll at the end with 2 mines. there are 2 mines at the entrance, pretty attractive if you ask me. There are also 2 more mines in the room, but on the side, so pretty useless.

The Green Door has a ton of mines behind it, most WILL blow up when you go in, but if you are lucky, at least 1 will survive for later use.

The first corridor on the right has a troll, but don't bother with it for a moment, instead blow up (shoot) the 2 mind on that corridor, which'll free up the mine befopre it for good use. Now go to the Red Door and unload the enemy inside. You can preserve the mine in front of the door (outside) using the uppermost platform.
Now this is the room where Baron Harkonen resides. Lure him to all the traps you can remember (note: any mine on the middle platform are useless). It might take 1-2-3+ mines to execute the bugger, plus you might need to swap in a +HP implant. I have insane implants with this character, and even stashed away a helmet of AC 8, 5 (7?) allres just for this and the endboss, so I have 72% allres from 2 implants and the hemet.

If done, do not leave yet, have fun with the last room. I mean blast up the mines blocking your way, and eliminate all minions. Lure the troll on the last remaining mine in the room - if you still have any leftover mine, that's another chance to not need to just reload for a perfect blast.
You COULD try to stand-and-shoot, but what for?

For the last map:
- first establish moving space. Immediately turn back if you see a troll.
- you don't have to enter the tunnel nearest to the arrival point (1st tunnel). There are some monsters, but othgerwise no profit. Given you'll hit the levelcap here, why make you life harder?
- you'll have to fight a troll before you could enter the 2nd tunnel where the Red Keycard is. Just move when you see lightnings coming. Pack some stimpack, and a spare weapon. You might want to port to the Base to swap weapon though. You might need more then one switch to finish off a troll, depending on durability and luck.
- as it'll make things more comfortable, just clean the arriving corridor without entering any of the sides first. There'll be a second troll at the other end.
- there is a troll at this end of the 2nd tunnel, none in the 3rd, and 2 at the 4th (last). Lure them one-by-one to the "main tunnel" and finish 'em off. In theory you could just abandone these mountins somewhere, but where's the fun in that?
- you do not have to bother with the connecting tunnel on the other side of the compound.
- the Big Bad Boss is alon behind the yellow door. You have to sinish him off to open the last door.

My remaining equipment before the final boss:
- 0 sligshot
- 6 bow
- 7 crossbow
- 17 sawblade
- 0 bodyarmour (that has above 0 durability)
- 24 helmet

A sidenote on the body-armour situation: I put up a 0 dura armor and waited it to fall off. Instead, I've encountered a bug, that simply pushed it to negative durability, see attachment. Previously items with 0 durability (weapons are guaranteed) simply vanished from my character.
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Finished on normal. Backpack has all the stimpacks I had left fr4om natural find. Difficulty: Normal.
Had way enough money to win on Hard if I wanned to as you can see. Barely spent anything during the playthrough, maybe 100-150K.
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