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This game wants you to specialise, so with this build dump all your points into Science. Early game you might want to allocate 5-10 points into Agility/HP, but that's really it.

To compensate for the lack of stat variability, use implants. I suggest these types: resist all, more endurance, more battle(?) more HP, more science - in this order.
Science buffs your accuracy (I assume) and damage, but eventualy you'll cover your need (around 150 science I see no better equipment to cause havoc, though additional requirements can pump up this number to 179, very rarely more).
HP is good, but endurance buffs both your HP and stamina, and that's more convenient.

For implants there are 3 tiers I'm aware of: light, regular and super. A good Super Allres can cost 30K, you have been notified.

For weapons you'll start with pistols. Stick with these (10-12 nominal dmg per shot) until you can level up once without recharging the thing (around biodome D). You'll want to switch to rifles then on, and when you reach the Hidden Hospital you'll have enough stats and earnings to switch to cannons.
NOTE: when you reach the Queen's Nest, you'll already want to have 120 science and shoprun for a cannon (damage type doesn't matter, it'll likely be plasma though), so you'll finish the fight eventualy.

The annoyance of this build is, monsters have resistances, and that's not told to you (the game is usualy better than Diablo 1, but not in this factor), so you want to accumlate all three damagetype weaponry just in case. The damage type that will be advantageous on a map is fixed when the map starts (likely it is hardcoded for every playthrough). At occasion you'll need 2 damage type, but most often one will harm everything.

You can leave your stuff on the ground a'la Diablo 1, they won't get deleted when you exit the game.

Play hit&run. Draw on you some enemies, defeat them backing constantly, then return for more.

Drop your weapon on the ground when you find a cluster of eggs or larva. They are the treasure chests of this game, with a low droprate, but that's what you get. It's a waste to shoot them with ammo.
NOTE: if you are able to pick up a weapon that drops, it'll be placed in your hand if it is empty, so manage this.

Refuelling your weapon costs 100 $, and you can't refill them at the base. Occasionaly you'll find blue pods that will recharge your clips for free (infinite use). You'll spend a lot of time tunning to these. When you accumlate 100K $ though, you'll be able to refill cannons on the whim though, so eventualy you'll be able to not worry about it.

Red pods refill your HP. another method to refill your HP is to return to the Base. This can be done by the very occasional waypoint-teleporters, on foot (you'll have to for a while, unfortunately, but when you reach biodome B, or deep biodome A even, you'll do it another way for sure), by a high-tech item (teleport to base), an autodoc (high tech item), or a medipack (backpack item).
the cheapest solution is teleporting to the base.

Note on high tech items: you'll be able to use these, because you are specialising in Science. The more charge the high tech thing has, the cheaper it is to refill per charges.

The high-tech items don't really play a hugh role in the game. Teleporting to the base IS convenient, as well as identifing items on the field (it is also cheaper then paying the shop to do so).
The hologram is bad though, you don't need the teleport, Freeze is a one-target thing you have to also aim, Energy Shield and such consume way too much energy to be sustainable. Blink (scares away monsters) can be handy though early game.

Note on armors: you'll have access only to very basic armor/helmet, and those very very rarely will have other modifiers, so if you find a good one, stick to it. This character won't have to repair like, ever.

As only pistols are one-handed items, don't get fond of shields.

Oh, the game loves to crash occasionaly, most, but not all of these happen when trying to teleport. So save regularly.

WARNING: occasionaly you'll have to carry back quest items to the Base. This also gives some equipment as reward. Once you pick up the quest item DO NOT TOUCH YOUR INVENTORY. It can lead to a bug, at least if you rmeove anything (not necessarily the quest item!) from your inventory - itcan stop the quest progression!
Tip: every area - and quest rewards - are determined when you enter the area / pick up the quest item. So if you want to have a better quest reward (usualy doesn't worth the fuss, but just so you know) save before touching the quest item, but after you removed any monster in the vicinity. Pick up the item, go to the questor, check the item, reload if unsatisfied.

Maximum Resistances: 80%

implant theoretical maximum:
- single stat: 15-20
- all stat: 12-15
- endurance: 20
- fighting skill: 25
- health: 120
- energy: ?
- single resistance: 30-50%
- all resistance: 30%
NOTE: chance for super (tier-3) implants appearing in shop is slim. Prepare to settle for a lesser value.

In the J biodome there is a guy in a mech-suite. My bet goes, some mines were supposed to help you, but that've been nice. So instead pick up your biggest gun, and start running in circles. His attack-animation takes forever to kick in, so oyu have a chance. And you can always leave through the energy field. The mutha has almost infinite life, and hits like a mule, so good luck.

I'm in Biodome M, and is practicaly Gawd. Only mines can kill me, though there are some flying armored shooters that hit hard and stuff, but most of the times I don't even bother to try to dodge, just solve it through brute force. Energy Weapons are really Easy Mode.
On the sidenote, the map-design og Biodome M doesn't even want you to dispose all aliens now, It encourages to just do the quest and rush through, leaving behind like 250 enemies out of the 350 Or even more.

2 sector left.

During the latest 3 biodome some level have literaly zero manouverability, so you have to rely on burte force. Bring high dose of autodoc.

There is a new giga-HP enemy introduced as the boss of Biodom N.
It "of course" appears as a regular monster in Biodom O - but so just you know, they are ALWAYS in the vicinity of explosives. If an explosive sets of while it is on top of it (at least very close), it instakills this thing too.
Problem is: right at arrival there is one in the 3rd map of Biodome O (I must assume the final level), this time there is no explosive to use, AND has elemental resistance of cold! Use magnetic weapon on this level (unless this element is random, then you figure it out).
Another warning: the 2nd area of Biodome O has Braon Hakronen as a miniboss at the very end. You can suffer 1 hit from it (I have like no bonus on HP, neither from stat or otherwise), but then you better heal up, or the next shot downs you! (the monster's proper name is "Forever Ruler")

The last map is ridiculous. Every corridor has one or two of those mega-monsters (Mechanical Butchers, so ye, they actualy ripping off Diablo), Each takes like 2 minutes of uninterrupted bullett-hell, and without a "hold space" button, it goes as well as expected.
Now the Final Boss, Dr. Dark Mind, or let1s just call him Dr Evil. He has a gun. So good luck dodging it - aka. it is impossible.
I tried Battle Hologram, and that thing is USELESS.
What might help is the freezer - the guy doesn't move a lot, and there's some seconds before the shootout starts.
But what I see the real solution is Energy Shield. You accumllated wealth a lot at this point (hopefully), so just stand there, and rapidly hit E to pay to win, lol.

Final stats in the attachment.
For the final boss I actualy did not use Energy Shield, just went toe-to-toe with a backpack exclusively full of stimpacks. That's how many were left. On Easy difficulty - for this fight I just couldn't bother.
Oh, yes, the highest req energy weapons need 206 science.
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