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Well, to be honest, no, you can't. But can you beat the game using only your fist 95% of the time?

map 1:
67 enemies.
equipment or stats used: 0

map 2:
355 enemies
stats: agility should be aimed to be 30, science 0. These stats don't benefit you enough, but agility allows you to hit just a wee bit faster.
equipment used: the energy-resistant ranged enemies are hitting too hard. In theory you can play hit-and-run to the main gate, or waypoint, or teleport home, but who am I kidding. Use some energy pistols (up to 5 dmg) to get rid of them (and only them).

map 3:
151 enemies
stats: originaly I thought rise Stamine -> HP, but juding form how much energy my Science-build had that wouldn't work. there's also the to-hit chance, and that seems to demand 200 Martial Arts, and Stamine gives none. So yet again Stamina is a dumpstat.
problems to encounter: big, energy-resistant ranged units are more than your energy can deal with, but for the moment leveling up through other enemies can solve this issue. Actualy, I ran out of energy only for 50% HP of one of these, so used my fist. The concept stands though. For later, ranged weapons with low enough stats should be stored.
With the last levelup, the scythe-monsters seemed to buff up too, and started hitting way to hard to just stand around hitting each other (previously 2-3 could be pummeld with 100% HP of the player). Hit&run works on these buggers though.

158 enemies
The map being short, and having the healing-pod such a good place, helps a lot. Do NOT try to fight the ranged though things without equipment in melee, not even the healing pod can save you! Actualy, I don't spend my point until my hits start not to land. We'll see.
On this sidenote, Agility would give the first bonus dmg at 45. Strenght gives this at 25. But the bonus point distribution is weird. I should make a chart of it.

map 5:
304 enemies.
New enemy: red thingy with blade as its arm. Hurts less then a scyther, I can beat 1 if I start from full HP, or such.

map 6:
290 enemies
There is no healing pod on this map.

map 7:
291 enemies
I've accumlated 40 spare skillpoints, so maybe from now on I can dump them on HP? I'd rly like to know about the hit-chance equatation in this for this. But finaly found a HP-pod, so made a save, and tried to compare healing with my current HP and the pumped one. Seems the pod health be percentage, not by number, what sounds good.
On the sidenote, rising Endurance not just rises max HP, but the current HP the same time, so I had to find some enemy that lowers my HP to the previous amount for comparison (running away was no problem).
On STR and unarmed dmg: at 25 you gain the first bonus dmg, at 47 you'd get the second That shows an exponential need of spending later on (9-10 dmg can be the final unarmed dmg, judging form my melee char)..
New enemy: mantis. You'll recognise this dmg-sponge tall monstorsity. My advice is to lure them on the healing-pod, and fight them on it while wearting nothing.
Wearing equipment: the map is simply too big to rely on healing pod and wapoint-teleport, so I decided to wear armor until the pod, and after beating the second mantis.

map 8:
286 enemies
New enemy: well, it is just an upped blade, but this has the strength of a scyther. It also has pretty hiigh AC, so landing a hit becomes kind of a problem, conflicting with the need of HP. Sure, I can just stand on a healing pod for every. single. enemy, but that's beyond my tolerance. It'd be so nice if I could re-distribute stats if it turns out I spent the point wrong!
On the other hand, it seems the durability-bug applies to all armour (body, helmet, shield), so I could just sell all the available items, and go minus infinite durability with what I have and/or use the most overpriced things I can find in the shop / roll from rewards.

map 9
174 enemies
There is no healing pod, and worse: arriving / starting the level is a hassle. It's usualy punching down a couple of smaller enemies, or starting to back in the right direction - here there are 2 corridors instantly dumping enemies on you, 2 of them are big (one melee, 1 ranged). Stick to the right wall, and use weapons on the big guys to establish a base. Also take note that you can actualy run "into" the gate, I mean run past the teleport-field to a small acove, giving you a bit more space.
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