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- the game trends to crash when you try to use try to teleport to another area. Do NOT rely exclusively on autosave!
- the game trends to crash during gameplay due to "not enough memory" on the later levels. Save regularly to preven gameplay-losses!
- in the 1st map of the G Biodome (Termination _Terraces) there is a certain spot on the first terrace's east side the game loves to crash. Save to prevent gameplay losses! (Go up to the first terrace, go right, and around the bridge.)
- for the H Biodome's quest once you picked up the quest item TELEPORT TO THE BASE AND GIVE THE THING STRAIGHT TO THE QUESTOR otherwise the quest can not be completed! DO NOT TALK OR TRADE WITH ANYONE ELSE until this is accomplished!
- It is generaly true that if the quest-objective is an item, once you pick it up, do not touch your inventory (not just the quest item, but the whole inventory!), and go straight to the questor, or there can be problems. (Note: if your inventory is full, and you get an item as quest reward, it'll be dropped on the ground, no problem.)
- sometimes the opening sound of the portal remains stuck in loop at the base. It never happens on a field-area. The only way to stop this seems to be shutting down the game, and re-launching it.
- defensive items' (body armor, helmet, shield) durability go to the negatives instead getting destroyed when expiring 0 durability. Weapons seem to function properly.
- the game at rare occasion can completly freeze out, blocking access to any of your work. It either goes away in 2-3 minutes (still try the usual emergency shutdown of program methods), or you have to close the user you are logged in with.
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