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So, this is my first time of me actually playing the missions of Space Colony, and I seem to have beaten most of the peaceful missions, but I reached the second-to-last peaceful mission where I have to build the Intergalatic Transporter for three of the Hosts by acquiring 50 titanium, but the problem is that the Intergalactic Transporter isn't there.

I assumed it was destroyed by the meteor shower in the mission before this (The Celensoan Ritz), but I don't know for sure as the transporter was in a forbidden zone.

I tried to attach the image where the location of the transporter is supposed to be circled, but the attachment thing seems to be broken, so I've decided to share an Imgur link here to show you what I'm talking about.
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As you gather titanium, it's all supposed to automatically go to the site designated to be the intergalactic transporter. If you can't fix this by placing more storage areas and getting extra storage bots that way, then that's very much a bug.
Okay, now I figured out what happened. It seems that I have expanded my base a little too close to the Monoliths, so I've decided to replay the Celensoan Ritz mission to make sure I don't build anywhere too close to the Monoliths this time, and now I've actually managed to beat the peaceful missions!