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i feel nuts to ask but how do you access that alien horde mini game?

p.s. im having trouble posting this from within the client, and search will not work within it either, so if this has been asked sorry, or if anyone has any tips for fixing i'm all ears.
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chezybezy: ... alien horde mini game?
Browser , , sign-in
go to GAMES,
click Space Colony HD.

At the download section, right side:
Alien Horde mini-game 10 MB
download this.

Game goodies
manual 3 MB, wallpaper 1 MB, soundtrack 39 MB, avatars (33)1 MB, artworks (127)28 MB, Alien Horde mini-game 10 MB

unpack zip-file:
Space Colony Alien Horde.exe
MS Windows - executable program

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Well I now feel an idiot.
Thank you very much