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Hey There! I am...ChazDragoon and i'm going to make a post on some of the basic things YOU should probably know about Soul Saga so you aren't confused and are able to survive the skies.

This guide will change as i get further in the game or as the dev updates or if i got certain things wrong.
If you have Steam, the steam version of this guide is here:

Recent Update:3/4/2020

Baught the game again on Steam...just so i can provide a guide there for steam users....funny how that works.
Added section: The Town of Dunhaven
Added more Info/Edited: The Game Itself, Items and Going Shopping, Soaring the Skies, The More the Merrier (Delegate Quests), Know Your Guildmates (party info), The Proverbial Doomsday Clock, Other Useful Info
Hopefully corrected many spelling errors.

The Game Itself

First off, this game is NOT Skies of Arcadia 2.0. This game is more akin to Wizardry/Etrian Odyseey/Stranger of Sword City/etc in terms of it's basic Gameplay Loop.

Town >> Dungeon >> explore/loot/kill/quest things >> return to town is the "Dungeon Crawler Gameplay Loop".

And Soul Saga is the same way...just replace Dungeons with Archipelligos.

You'll add to your Guild Roster by completing Initial Quests on each Archepelligo you "unlock".
Unlocking Archepelligos happens when you complete an Initial Quest.
At current there are only 6 playable Guildmates while the rest you find are for Delegation Quests, which are esstentially sending your teams to handle "Invasions" or grind for EXP and Items.
Eventually you'll get to deal with 3 of the Big Nasty God-like Monsters slowly closing in on Dunhaven (the town hub) and you may likely fail in the end...but don't take it too hard; game is hard.

Game is also Early Access, so if you want the game to be better: head on over to the Soul Saga discord or personally give your feedback to DisasterCake. He takes all of it into consideration.

That is basically it.

Statistics...they are important

Soul Saga's Stats are very simple:

Body - "Physical" Attacks and affects skills that use body as a modifier for damage or other effects.
Soul - "Magic" attacks and affects skills that use Soul as a modifier for damage or other effects.
HP - Hit points, possible the most IMPORTANT stat in this game as it acts as your ability to continue exploring archepelligos. When your Party HP is gone, your Ship is stay healthy with potions and skilled combat AND skilled Airship Driving.
AP - ActionPoints -- Required to act in battle, based on that character's skills. Replenishes the more a character "waits" in battle. The More AP you have, the better your skills and attacks will be. Some skills require more AP to use.
Jul - money, you need a ton of this for supplies and gear...thank goodness we dont need to eat food or pay rent.

The Town of Dunhaven

Dunhaven is the one and only town you will ever be in...or ever need as it contains all the amenities an asipring Guildmaster could want (outside of a healthy Guild Roster and a literal nuke for the Eldritcht Inkheart Abominations comming towards Dunhaven).

Guildhall-- Your new home away's home base. You can Check your Roster, Delegate Missions for extra Party Members, Change your Party members, Sleep the day away and recover or save the game (useful if Autosave is turned off.)

The Senate -- Governing Body of Dunhaven and provides you a middling paycheck for restoring the "Auroras" of the Archepelligos you go to. So check back here after you complete a Initial Quest. Clearing Invasions do not earn you a payday (jerks).

Marketplace -- Potions, Equipment, Airship Parts and a Pawn Shop to sell stuff...we even have an old Bard who can't remember how to music (help him out plz?)

Airship Docks -- Go here when you want to kit out your Airship with parts and go out on adventure!

Items and Going Shopping!

Equipment and Items are important. Be sure to EQUIP potions to use in battle and make sure you have some in your inventory to use OUTSIDE of battle. Squabble Downs are Battle ONLY.

Clearance Sales!! -- You will notice in the shops that some items are marked lower than the regular price and that highlighting them turns the background into a confetti parade. These items are discounted...BUY THEM...or dont.

Item Levels -- Items and equipment have levels attached to them. The higher the level, the better the equipment or item tends to be...and the more expensive it is to buy.

Sell Everything (that isn't potions) -- Everythign you find out in the Archepelligos is "junk"...and by "junk" i mean "glorious profit makers". At current (and as far as i know) you will NEVER use or need all those ores and enemy parts for anything but delicous Juls. Hopefully this will change in the future. Same goes for Equipment that is lower level or has weaker me, if you horde all your equipment, it's a nightmare to go through and pick which ones are better to wear on your teams.

In the Marketplace you will find:

Item Store -- Potions and other goodies. Make sure you stock up on these so you can hang out in the archepelligos longer before needing to return to Dunhaven.

Blacksmith-- Blacksmith sells Equipment. Equipment has 3 stats (so far for me) that you should note: HP, Attack and Support. HP and Attack are and attack power/Body for physical attacks. Support affects your "Soul" stat.

Airship Shop -- Buy equipment for your airship. Better Engines, Faster Armor and modules that can prove useful. Your Ship already has the Default Level 1 armor and don't re-buy those unless you want to. Get yourself an Airbag Module soon as you can to mitigate collision and turret damage better.

Pawn Shop -- This is where you sell all those things you find out in the Archepelligos...and more importantly how you earn money outside of reporting progress to The Senate. You can also sell items and gear here too.

Music-- A aged and sad bard has apparently lost his inspiration or something...perhaps if you had something that could SING to his creative soul? Ok, enough coyness...this guy will change the music of Dunhaven. You just need to give him any and all Songbirds you find out in the Archepelligos.
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Soaring the Skies

As i said earlier, this game is NOT Skies of Arcadia 2.0. You will CHOOSE which Archepelligo ("dungeon") to travel to, what quest/action to do there and then explore it until you die or "Blast off" to exit the area.

Here's what you need to know about YOUR SHIP:

Ship Health: Your HP = Ship HP. The Flying Koi (or whatever you named it) "bonds" with it's crew and shares their life force. So if your party is dying from battle or if you've been faceplanting into islands and's going to make life suck.IF YOUR PARTY OR SHIP DIES YOU LOSE JULs, ALL ITEMS FOUND DURING EXPLORATION AND ADVANCE ONE DAY!

Repairing the Ship: Using Health Potions or Sleeping will repair the ship. So make sure you buy alot of potions and healing items...and make sure you LEARN TO FLY!! Otherwise your only option is to go to sleep at the Guildhouse and waste a day.

Blasting Off -- Holding the X button (or whatever key/button you mapped it to) will charge up the Airship's boosters. Once charged, you will BLAST OFF and exit the dungeon. BE CAN accidentally Blast Off into islands and Hazards...often resulting in immediate death. (yes, i have done this by was funny)

There are many things you need to know regarding exploring the Archepelligos:

Time Passes -- Time passes the longer you don't "end the day" you enter "afternoon" and "evening" the sky dims and the music will change. Once you've gone into Night, baby Cloudkings will start harassing you until you Blast Off or die.

Randomized Layout, Saved Progress -- This should be obvious if you pay attention, but the layout of the archepelligos WILL change every time you enter/exit them. Thankfully, the progress of quests an invasions WILL be maintained. So, again, don't worry if you need to escape to heal up.

The Radar -- The Radar will point out Points of Interest (Black and Red "!"s) which are often, always your quest markers. The Radar is also represented by your Ship's "Antenna" glowing/beeping yellow above it's head. The faster the beeps, the close you are to SOMETHING. The Radar wont SHOW you were most things are outside of the Quest Markers so PAY ATTENTION to your "yellow radar" if it's suddenly going off in a place nothing was "marked" at.

Collecting Loot! -- You will SEE (or find by following the radar beeps) colored lumps or sparkles on the various islands within an archepelligo. Fly into them (gently, dont wana crash and damage yourself) and you will either find a shiny item to sell OR you get into a random encounter and THEN the loot. There are also Floating Barrels scattered into them and get yourself some free supplies!

The Cloudking -- You may of noticed that HUGE SCARY FISH flying near the bottom of the area...and probably on occasion flying up to you and smashing your face in. Yeah..that guy is the Cloudking. The King will "notice" you if you stray too far from the islands (about 3-5 ship lengths). So as long as you stay within the "safe zone" he wont come after you. You'll know if you're in danger when the screen tints RED...and then soon after, when he's crashing your ship into pieces.

Cloudbabies -- Baby versions of the Cloudking that come out in full force during Night. They will harass your ship until you die or Blast Off the Archepelligo.

Hazards and Turrets -- You will find giant tornados, turrets and other hazards in the archepelligos. These will obviously damage your ship and ruin your exploration if you are not prepared or avoid them.

Also, get used to flying your's a bit unwieldy and floaty. Take it slow and easy until you get used to the feeling of sailing the skies...which may be difficult if you sail out of bounds. You're not in a rush here so take it easy and learn to drive.

Battle System

Soul Saga's battle system is deceptively complex despite it's simple appearance. Knowing it's mechanics and planning your turns is the core strategy in making sure you don't waste vital HP needed for continued exploration and dealing with Bosses/encounters.

These are things to take note of on the battle screen:

Active Time Battle (ATB)-- This is the style of battle, meaning the enemies will attack you when they are "ready", not when it's their "turn". So DO NOT just sit there doing nothing or you will die like a fool. If you've played any 90's Final Fantasy, you know how this works.

Wheel of Morai -- The Wheel in the bottom right of the battle screen, holding several upward rotating "orbs" and a picturebox in the middle. This is KEY to surving damage and dealing it effectively. PAY ATTENTION TO IT!
WoM Orbs -- There are 4 orbs: Red 'smash' (Body), Blue 'cross' (Soul), 'Stone' (Protect) and 'Down Spikes' (Weakness). These will dermine the damage you deal or recieve during battle.
WoM Picture -- just a picturebox that helps "explain" what turn it is with the 4 orbs. They are, in the same order as the 4 orbs: "Red Angry Man", "Blue Uppercut Man", "Shield Man" and "Regetting Life Choices Man". (not the official names)

The 4 Wheel of Morai Orbs affect damage in various ways:
Body-- Body Attack UP, Soul Attack Normal
Soul-- Body Attack Normal, Soul Attack UP
Protection -- Body Attack Normal, Soul Attack DOWN
Weakness-- Body Attack DOWN, Soul Attack Normal

Party GUI -- Shows your party's HP, AP and AP Meter. The command menu will appear above these when a character is "ready". Picking one of the Commands will STOP the flow of battle, use it to your advantage!
AP Orbs -- the 4 orbs on the right side of each character's GUI box..these fill up every time the AP Meter fills up. More AP affects the potentcy of your skills in various ways (check your skill menu outside battle for details). ALL AP is consumed once a character performs a turn requiring AP. Some Skills require more AP to use.
AP Meter -- The thin white bar that fills up on the right side of each character's GUI box, next to the AP Orbs

The Command Menu brings up 3 boxes when a character is "Ready":
Attack (sword icon) -- Select your character's attacks/skills
Items (chest icon) -- Select your character's EQUIPPED items (yes you need to equip potions to use in battle)
Movement (boot icon) -- Position your character OR escape from battle by walking off the edge of the battlefield.

Manupulating the Wheel of Morai is key to mitigating your damage and dealing tons of it. Paying attention to what your enemies can do is also paramount in forming your turn strategy.
If your enemies are physical hitters, DO NOT let them get Body turns and only Weakness turns.
If your enemies cast magic, DO NOT let them get Soul turns and only Defence turns.

It's harder than it sounds, but with some practice you can wipe enemies before they cut your exploration time short due to low HP from damage.
And just like in Wizardry, there is no shame in retreating from battle or the archepelligo if you need to heal...just be sure to mind one VERY important thing...

The Proverbial "Doomsday Clock"

**This Section is mostly unknown territory and will be updated once more knowledge is known**

Once 7 days have passed (which happens when you sleep or die or crash the airship), a story event will take place in which ONE of the 3 Godlike Monsters on the World Map will explode an Archepelligo (don't worry, no one liked that place anyways) and move on the map to another one. After 10 days, all THREE God Beasts will begin moving and exploding Archepelligos...

This is the game's "subtile" message that: "Time is Ticking..."

That's right... you're on the proverbial Doomsday Clock...but as of current i do not know what the time limit is or what happens when or IF the God Beasts destroy everything or reach it's intended goal. Likely a game over/Bad End.

Don't panic much though...or do, it's your call.

Invading Your Personal Space

Adding to the threat of the 3 God Beasts are Enemy Invasions where you'll see a little monster icon on Archepelligos you've cleared and not cleared.

Leaving these alone, i believe, will slowly deplete the "Health" of an Archepelligo (seen on the "Area Details" when picking a place to go on the map) and eventually DESTROY an Archepelligo...and likely aid in advancing the God Beasts path of destruction.
So it's real important to deal with those's also a good way to get loot and level up a little...provided your party members are able to deal with them, as the Invaders get stronger as you progress in the game as well as their levels being modified from what island they hit.

When it comes to dealing with the Invasions, sending out your Guildmates is the best option outside of personally doing it yourself. You WILL come across a time where you CAN'T travel to every island hit with an Invasion, so you'll need to depend on your Guildmates to handle the situation via Delegate Quests at your Guildhall.
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The More the Merrier (Delebate Quests)

Complete the Initial Quests on Archepelligos to net you a new Guildmate. There may be other characters who aren't as simple (i've yet to run into that yet) but for the most part this is how you get more people into the Guild.

Once you have 4 Guildmates in your roster, you have access to Delegate Missions in your Guildhall. You can send out teams at ANY Time; All teams will meet back at the Guildhall with results once the next day starts. It is unknown if starting a Delegate Quest at a later time of day affects results or not.

Delgate Mission -- allows you to send your extra guild members out to archepelligos to complete quests and deal with enemy invasions.
This is the primary way to deal with protecting the world from the Inkheart menace. Be sure to send appropriately leveled teams to the archipelligos or they may fail their missions.
Quest Failure -- Failing teams wont die or lose anything...but they will likely get poor results, less/no exp and/or less/no items.
Grinding EXP/Items -- You can also send teams to cleared Archepelligos to gain EXP and maybe find an item or two as well.

So it's likely in your best interest to get as many members as quick as you can for glory, success and profit. Be careful more members also mean you're encountering stronger enemies and invasions.

Know Your Guildmates (Party Info)

Thanks to Icestorm181 from the Soul Saga Discord for helping with this info.

This Section will likely be the longest down the the time of this post (3/3/2020) there are six out of 40 playable party members. So the majority of your Guildmates will be used to send off to Delgate Quests until DisasterCake makes the rest of the cast playable party members.

The Following Format is as follows:
Character - (Quest to be Completed) -- Character Name and what quest they're in.
Class Type -- Role of the Character; Tank, Attacker (attack type), Support (support type), Mage (attack type)
Core Stats: -- The Stats the character ultilizes for their skils, build your equipment loudout around this
Skills: (Stat Rate for Skill) - Skill Description -- Skill list, what % of B/S stats they use and a description

Mithos - (Automatic, start of game)
Class Type - Attacker (Single Target, Buffer)
Core: Body and Soul
Basic Attack (100% Body) - Smack an enemy with Mithos' Runesword..simple enough
Magic Sword (100% Soul) - Magically smack an enemy with Mithos' Runesword...also simple.
Inspiring Pose (50% B+S, Buff) = Strike a (questionably inspiring) pose that buffs Body & Soul for nearby allies for a few seconds.

Elise - (Grease My Gears)
Class Type - Support (Summon, Self/Party support)
Core Stats: Body and Soul
Assemble Mimi (100% Body, 50% Soul) - Assembles Mimi, who automatically attacks enemies and obsticles while IGNORING the Wheel of Morai(!!!). Body Stat = Mimi's Attack, Soul = Mimi's HP.
Loosen Screws (Speed buff) - Elise gives a (abusive) love tap to loosen Mimi's screws, making it's AP Gauge fill faster. This buff can stack until Mimi is destroyed.
Mimi-Kaze (50% Body, AP regain based on HP damage) - Send Mimi to explode itself into a group of enemies. If Mimi is damaged, Elise will regain AP based on how beat up Mimi is. Lower Mimi HP = More AP gain = Free turn!
Sky Spy Satellite (15 secs enemy info) - Send out a Satalite that shows enemy Health and their AP Gauge for a few seconds
IMPORTANT: Elise cannot attack at all and Mimi cannot be controlled or positioned. Mimi also changes position after every attack. If you want to use Mimi as a "decoy", place members behind Mimi.

M-4X ("Max") - (Junkyard Garden)
Class Type - Attacker (Target Based Enemy Piercer)
Core Stats - Body and Soul
Steam Roll (75% Body) - Max plows thru a line of enemies to deliver a literal smackdown on his target.
Hose Down (75% Soul) - Max unleashes the godlike power of a gardening hose upon a line of enemies aimed at his target..
IMPORTANT: Max CAN hurt his own team, so position him before attacking and target enemies for optimal murder.

Taro - (Hungry Spiders)
Class Type - Mage (Balanced, Slower)
Core Stats - Soul
Iceball (50% S, Slow debuff) - Hurls a ball of ice, slowing the target's AP Gauge 25% for a few seconds
Snow Storm (100% S, DoT, AoE, Slow debuff) -- Summon a gentle snowfall to slowly kill enemies of hypothermia. Slows AP Gauge by 25% and Damage Over Time for a few seconds.
Ice Block (200% S, Barricade [blocks allies as well]) - Raises a Spike Spike to, hopefully, block enemy attacks. Will melt after awhile if not destroyed (or get broken by Mimi's potato AI...thanks Elise..)

Tina - (Millennial Flower)
Class Type - Tank
Core Stats - Body
Totem Stomp (50% B, Splash AoE) - Tina smashes enemies with..uh..a Totem Stomp.. *shrug*
Earthquake (25% B, Splash AoE, slight stun) - Tina causes an earthquake...despite the fact these are floating islands.
Guardian (33% Soul, self defence buff) - Tina's Body is Ready and reduces damage for a few seconds.

Trinket - (Orphanage)
Class Type - Mage (AoE, Stunner)
Core Stats - Soul
Party Pocket (60% S, random targeting) - Trinket tosses 3 fireworks in the air that fall randomly on the enemy’s area, additional 3 fireworks for each AP charge
Shock Socks (100% S, Random Targeting, DoT, stun effect) - Trinket throws a stinky sock onto the battlefield. If the enemy is directly hit there is a slight stun to their AP charge. Does AoE damage due to the intense stench.
Friend-in-a-Box (50% Body, delayed activation, AoE, slight stun) - Trinket places a Jack-in-the-Box at an enemy’s feet, after 4 seconds it will AoE damage surrounding enemies and cause a slight AP charge stun.

--More to Come--

Other Useful Info

Did you know....?

Autosaving -- The game Autosaves by default. If you want a "live with your mistakes" handicap, then leave it on in the Options menu. If you want to be a pseudo Time Lord, turn it off and make sure you save at the Guildhall.

Abuse the GUI Menus -- Remember, time STOPS in battle when you open one of the 3 Command Menus (attack, item, movement). You can also switch between other "ready" members with the shoulder buttons quickly in or out of the Command Menu...but preferably IN the Menu so the enemies don't get free attacks. You can also disable the Time Stop in the Options menu for that authentic "ATB Feel"...and if you're a masochist.

The Game is Randomized -- The World Map and positioning of Archepelligos/Quests are different every time you make a New Game. So if you got a bad roll, so to speak, just start a new game...though i don't recommend this if you're already in the middle of a game; only if you started one.

The Game is Early Access -- Yeah i shouldn't have to point that out, but people can be dense. The game is Early Access, meaning more stuff is going to be added, fixed and if you like the game so far and want to help make the game better than it is, give your ideas and feedback to the Dev on the Soul Saga Discord or any social media he's on...respectfully, if you will. Being a jerk doesn't help anyone.

Guide Epilogue

That's about it.

If you have any info, tips or stuff that i've yet to find, feel free to let me know in the comments or on the Soul Saga Discord. I'll be sure to credit you for your help. :)

If you got any ideas, bugs or feedback for DisasterCake, do let him know so he can improve the game and make it even better! The guy is soloing the majority of this game, so he can use all the info possible from those playing the game.

With that said, i am....ChazDragoon.
Take care of yourselves and have fun. o7

Thanks to:
Icestorm181 for helping with the Party Info and offering to port the guide here if i couldn't figure out why Steam wouldn't let me make a guide...XD

and of course,

DisasterCake for making a fun game and embracing his community/fans as he figures out the mysteries of making a video game. :3c
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Nicely done. I'm sure as the game gets closer to completion and more people get into it, there will be more appreciation for your guide. For now, good job compiling all this info and sharing it with everyone.
ChesHatter: Nicely done. I'm sure as the game gets closer to completion and more people get into it, there will be more appreciation for your guide. For now, good job compiling all this info and sharing it with everyone.
Thank You. The Steam Version of the guide has a bit more to it (cause it's really easy to make a guide vs here... x_o ) so updates here may be slower or non-existent depending. x_o;