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Changelog for Update Soul Saga (7 March 2020):

- Implemented automatically switching to controller mode at the title screen when controller is pressed.
- Default resolution after installing the game is now the current Desktop resolution (and fullscreen).
- Implemented a new resolution confirmation screen that will allow the player to revert to previous settings if the resolution is wrong.
- Added resolution options for:
* 2560x1440
* 3440x1440
* 4096x2160

Standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 10 March 2020.
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Changelog for Update Soul Saga (15 March 2020):

- Player's Guildhall is now a 3D on-foot scene.
- Dunhaven's marketplace is now a 3D on-foot scene.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 16 March 2020.
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Changelog for Update v20.03.29.01 Soul Saga (29 March 2020):

Persistent Archipelagos:
- Archipelagos now retain their layout and item placements throughout the day and are reset at the start of each day.
- If you return to an archipelago the same day, your airship will enter at the exact point you left at.

On-Foot Grumplin Invasion Quest:
- Approaching a Grumplin Invasion base will now load into an on-foot scene where you explore a Grumplin outpost and defeat the boss at the end to complete the quest.
- There is now only 1 Grumplin war camp spot per invasion quest (instead of 5 per invasion quest).

Dynamic Resolution Settings:
- Resolution settings will now dynamically filter the available options based on the supported full-screen resolutions of the current display.
- Changing the resolution settings will now immediately change the game settings without an application restart.

Bug Fixes
- General: Loading an auto-saved game would permanently progress an entire day.
- Settings Menu: Sound Effect and Music volume slider previews would only work the first time the menu was opened.
- Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 30 March 2020.

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Changelog for Update v20.03.29.02 Soul Saga (30 March 2020):

- The effect for being too far away from land has been adjusted. It is now a solid black vignette (instead of a subtle red vignette).

Bug Fixes
- General: Fixed a bug where using a controller while delegating Guildmembers would cause the user interface to break.

Windows standalone installer updated: ⇒
Linux not updated yet.
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Changelog for Update v20.03.29.03 Soul Saga (30 March 2020):

Bug Fixes
- Gameplay: Entering the Grumplin Warchief house after defeating them will cause a softlock.
- Visual: When interacting with Guildhall's command table, the player's character will remain in a running animation pose until the menu is finished closing.
- Visual: Fixed lighting in the Grumplin Warcamp exploration mode.
- Visual: Several characters models would show as completely black when exploring the Grumplin war camp on foot.

Standalone installers updated 31 March 2020:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Linux: ⇒