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Have seen some posts about this but many are rather old.

And here it says its not as buggy as FE: some random post on Steam forum

How does it compare with FE? FE has quite some systematic problems like loading bug and crashes - see

Did they fix these things or did they make it even worse?

And unfortunately the developer appears pretty bad in this respect - see Why dont they hire somebody competent and fix those bugs? The way I see it a large portion of the effort in FE which was spent on art and music etc (some pretty good IMO) gets corrupted by the buggy technical realization. Edit: This is also responsible for a lot of the bad reputation ~= bad sales. (And it is why I dont just buy this game and instead make a post here.)
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Just found this official post:

Responding here to "Let us know what you think in the comments below." even though I dont think anybody from Stardock even reads this forum:

All the games in the Elemental series have had some modding tools. With Sorcerer King, it’s all been put out there for players along with the ability to share them. As I’ve said to a number of friends, I could rebuild Ultima IV with this this engine.
Modding is cool and the reason why I bought Fallen Enchantress is the existing mods for it. However about your Ultima IV comment: I dont even understand how this kind of thing matters if the core game isnt properly stable.

People who remember Neverwinter Nights and its modding power will be happy to know that they have been given that power once again and, thanks to Steamworks (and eventually via GOG) the ability to share their creations.
I dont like and dont use Steam due to DRM.

If there is interest, we will vastly add on to this (all depends on sales of course).
My primary interest is in making the game stable and bug free. Not in adding more features with more bugs. This is also why I didnt buy Sorcerer King. After having played Fallen Enchantress I distrust you in this. And unfortunately the information which I have points to Sorcerer King not being better.

How you can help
The only way I can think about helping is pointing out you wrongs here. Its IMO one of the main reasons why you dont get more sales. Not lack of marketing etc. The game Fallen Enchantress as it is simply sucks for the target audience which would be interested in playing such a game but cant do it the way they want because the game doesnt let them (crash crash crash, clunky anti-min-max-uber-micro interface etc, IMO no min-maxer was used as tester or they didnt have any say).

What you can do is spread the word. Word of mouth is king.
The word of mouth unfortunately is that its not properly stable. If you want to build on sth you need sth stable to start with.

We want to keep working on Sorcerer King for years to come and with Rivals, we have a game that you and us can do just that.
I would be a lot more interested in you fixing Fallen Enchantress.
Would still like an answer to the original question: "Bugginess of latest version?"

Forum unfortunately is mostly dead...