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This scene from the latest episode of Westworld reminded me of this game. I posted this on Steam but it looks like I got banned and the post was removed (I think it's because I forgot to put a spoiler tag on the script. Whops!)


-Who the fuck are you?

-Been a long time, Jim. Good to see you again.

-William? William, my boy. Well, fuck me. I take it I didn't recover.

-I'm afraid not. How ya feelin'?

-Better than you look.

-And speaking of things that age well...

-Well, thank fuck for that. Most potent thing these cretins will give me is grapefruit juice.

-Little early for me.

-Little too fuckin' late, you mean. Besides, you cheat the devil, you owe him an offering. So... how long has it been?

-Longer than we thought.

-So then, let's get me the fuck outta here!

-No, I don't think so.
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