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People told me that Soma isn't that scary compared to outlast or Amneisa. I guess fear is subjective because I found this to be far more terrifying. What Makes Soma so scary for me isn't the environment, water, darkness or atmosphere. ( All those things are top notch though) it's the monsters themselves. The monsters in Amnesia had bite to them but their bark was worse. This is not the case for Soma. Monsters in this game have a real sense of threat. It not just how they look but how they behave. Right now, I'm up to the part where I'm on this sunken ship trying to sneak past this thing with a glowing disco ball head that teleports. Oh also looking at him not only causes yor vision to distorted but also makes him tele-chase. This thing is fucking terrifying. Even with the sound off and the lights on this guy is a walking nightmare. He makes pyramid head look like a teletubby. Amnesia never had this affect on me.
Yeah, those monsters are really scary!
I died quite several times in this game, and that was very unpleasant.
With SOMA its a collective horror... the look, movement, sounds... its everything about them....

But the sound design, it's absolutely insane... I think this finally took over as my favorite game I have ever played/experienced.
Don't tell me... I suspended playing Soma four months ago because it was too scary. I liked it *a lot*, but It was like living a nightmare every time. I was terrified by every sound (and there are lots of sounds) and by every monster. Plus when there aren't monsters around, there are those very uncanny situations.
Frictional's developers are pure psychological horror geniuses.

The funny thing is that I watched and liked a lot of horror and weird movies: Begotten, Tetsuo, Eraserhead, damn... even Nekromanik!
Try Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl. It makes this look tame.

I was full of crap when I wrote this... They are both equal just in different ways. Stalker has an eerie sort of dread to it. Soma has a much more acute sort of fear quality to it, specially with the proxies.
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Magmarock: People told me that Soma isn't that scary compared to outlast or Amneisa. I guess fear is subjective because I found this to be far more terrifying. [...] Amnesia never had this affect on me.
Same here, SOMA is way more atmospheric and terrifying to me than Amnesia. In the latter, you can't escape if an enemy has spotted you, so after a time, I didn't try anymore but waited for them to kill me – a very dull experience. Anmesia also doesn't have the variety of enemies that SOMA has, where every enemy is distinct up to the way they detect you (sight, sound …) Also, what scared me even more was the slowly growing knowledge how they became what they are now.

By the way, Frictional Games' older games Penumbra 1+2 are also very recommendable, and in my opinion they also beat Amnesia in terms of atmosphere and horror. If you didn't play them yet and you can stand their vintage technology (though I think they aged well), you may want to give them a try. This doesn't apply to Penumbra 3, which is only a kind of tech demo with physics puzzles and no story at all.