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At theta you use the updated security card to enter the elevator, you press the button. The elevator goes down for a while and stops. You open the hatch and climb down. One rung breaks and you fall. (black screen). You wake up and climb to the open door. Then left to the first door and open it. Go through to the end of the hallway. Monster appears and follows me around everywhere. No cut scene. Game breaks at this point.

I'v played it once and got past this point, but never again. help! :(
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Anyone?? I'm still stuck.
I'm trying to remember which part that was. Was that the one without the omnitool with three doorways, and broken stairs behind? You run into the computer room, do some business, go back to the broken stairs as high as you can go and then there will be a click action to hoist yourself up (but only after you finish the computer room task).

Any luck?
At theta, after entering the elevator, it stalls. You open the hatch. Climb down then fall down and black out. You climb up the elevator shaft. Enter the left door. Monster comes right to me and nothing happens. No cut scene. The monster just follows me around.

I'v reinstalled and started over 3 times. I'v email tech support with no results.
GOG finally fixed the problem, the download was corrupt, and/or mswin system was corrupted.

I finally finished it for the second time.

Thanks to all...