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What a great game. I played all the way to the end. Lots of scares, nightmarish dread, etc. and I kept my room dark, full screen on 4K 50" monitor up close, with a good headphone enclosed around the ear. Well worth it.

Anyway, the game crashes in several places consistently (the first is in the lab after scan). The dmesg output shows:

segmentation fault reading 0 at 0e80797 hpl::cstring::GetFileName(string&)()

Error messages in hpl.log seems to indicate some files cannot be found, such as maps/main_menu.voice,, omicronrobotnode_output_highlight, etc. It seems to occur when there is a lag (maybe loading lots of textures?)

The workaround is to restart the game and hopefully game checkpoints are saved so I can continue from the checkpoint (not too much progress lost).

Is this the norm, or is it my setup? I didn't have any error message during install, and the error doesn't seem to indicate any hardware problem (eVGA GeForce 1050TI 4GB Gaming, proprietary driver 390.87, Fedora 27). I didn't request support since they don't support non-Ubuntu distribution.

I also have Penumbra series and Amnesia both from steam and gog (bundled purchases forced me to buy same games from both), and I found that gog version is older and buggier than steam version. I wonder if this is the case here too, since they are all from the same publisher.
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