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pmn357: Can anyone point me to a camera mod? All my searches turn up broken links. All I want is to zoom in and out further without changing anything else. The camera is the only thing keeping me from really enjoying the game.
Here's the best I've found today: "Sky Mod"
It reliefs the camera and adds a nice sky on zoom out. It works with 1.28.3E game version.

0. Optional - google-translate the page with the mod to English.
1. Download the mod archive file.
2. Create "Mods" directory in the game's main installation folder.
3. Copy "Sky Mod" folder there.
4. Enable the mod in the game menu.

Have fun :)
So, this may seem a odd request but i've been reading a comic called uber set in the world war,in this alternate take on history German gained super soldier first , giving them an almost unbeatable advatage . once the secret formula is leaked all nation have different versions of super soldiers. so.... in a long wind way im asking is there a way i can mod characters within the game to be say , bullet proof or fire proof