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This WWII RTS-game is originally of Ukrainian origin and has probably been overlooked mainly because its many name changes and relatively late entry into the larger European market.
Nevertheless it features a robust engine and gameplay that strongly empasizes tactics over domination of numbers. In many scenarios you only have a couple of units against a sizeable enemy and therefore need to plan your advance well using cover spots and sneaking to your advantage.
The main tagline of the game has been that averything can be destoyed. That is true and well executed - and it's also key feature in planning your advance.
Multiplayer modes were at first only for co-op play but the patch also added classic play modes like escort and king of the hill type gaming.
I obtained a copy of this one a few years ago through a gaming club membership. The club didn't really offer any big hits aside the titles they used to lure you in their net, so I never expected anything from Soldiers. But after installing it and suddenly realising I had played for 8 hours straight i had to conclude that this one was a rare gem indeed.
I still play it today every now and then as I like the versatile yet realatively easy handling of the individual troops and find the graphics pleasing to the eye even by today's standards. And I really trasure the co-op mode as I am not really into competitive PvP gaming.