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A) Make your own GodMode

There is no GodMode Cheatcode. You have to manipulate the config files with an editor to give you an advantage.

1. Goto Soldiers root folder
2. Unpack game.pak with any zip-tool into a new folder. (Save the orig game.pak folder by renaming it _game.pak)
3. Navigate to \game.pak\set\registry
4. lod.reg is the one to be opened. First make it writable (uncheck read-only) than open the file with any text-editor
5. Edit the "Easy Mode" values for enemies and player. It can look like this, when you're done:

{health 0.0}
{accuracy 0.0}
{thickness 0.0}
{burst 0.0}
{firing_timeout 0.1}
{health_increase 99}
{burst 1.0}
{accuracy 99}
{thickness 99}
{health 99}

6. Save and close the lod.reg file.
7. Select all folders you have previously unzipped and zip them back again. Call it game.pak (use 'normal' compression rate, just to be on the safe side.
8. in-game use 'easy' mode to play on 'extra' easy.

B. HOW TO UNLOCK ALL MISSIONS THE HARD WAY (you have to work for it)

//This is something I came up with experimenting. If anyone knows an easier way, please do share.

For mission name reference, I highly recommend this Soldiers Walkthrough by deucestaley on GameFAQ/Gamespot.

Q: How are we going to unlock 'all missions'?
A: We are going to create all folders and for each a simple "completed" mission file for each mission we still have to play.

For this to work, I do recommend 'finishing' at least one (Tutorial?) mission, so you have a template ready to use. Otherwise, you have to create them, following these instructions*:

1. Goto ~\Soldiers - Heroes of World War II\profiles\player\save\1. katyusha (ussr) (or whatever 'player'=name you chose)

2. Here you (either FIND) or *have to create the folders and copy-paste and edit the 'status' file so the game can recognize it. The folder name has to match the map name, while inside the status-file the "Mission" name has to match the ... mission's name. The "Time" numbers have to match the sub-folder end_########## (# = number)


You need to create these empty folders inside ~\Soldiers - Heroes of World War II\profiles\player\save\1. katyusha (ussr):

hutor chepel
prishib station

These are the map names (not in order - see below). Inside each folder create also a new sub-folder, called something like "end_1619845610" (= each one should have a different 10-digit number - does not matter which numbers. They only have to match with the 'status' file (see below).

Inside THAT folder are 3 files only. 2 relate to the screenshot and the third is the 'status' file, which looks like THIS for the Mission "Chepel"

{Campaign "1. Katyusha (USSR)"}
{Mission "Chepel"}
{Time 1619845610}
{Difficulty easy}
{Army 0}
{Version "1.28.3E"}

In this case, the Mission name and the map folder name are the same. This is NOT ALWAYS the case.


In folder: ~\Soldiers - Heroes of World War II\profiles\player\save\1. katyusha (ussr)\Vokzal\end_1619845615
the status file looks like this:

{Campaign "1. Katyusha (USSR)"}
{Mission "Last Ride"}
{Time 1619845615}
{Difficulty easy}
{Army 0}
{Version "1.28.3E"}

The Mission name is "Last Ride" the folder (map) name is Vokzal.

This is why the "Walkthrough" is useful (besides being 'useful' as a walkthough), to figure out the names of the missions. The order of the maps can be found by opening game.pak (no need to extract) and navigate to \map folder. Just view it.

There, you see the maps in order. For \map\1-katusha it looks like this:


3. Final Step = you need to 'initialize' the un-played map.

To do so, you need to start the game, navigate to the USSR campaign and 'load' any available save file. The game will NOT load the 'next' (=unplayed) mission, but load the last one you finished or started. Ether way, when inside the game press escape key and click 'load'. Eventuall check the box 'show all saves'. This will show you all the missions - for example: "Prishib Station - completed". Load it. Then "Restart" should be available the next time you press escape = see the menu. Restart then starts the unplayed mission.

This should do the trick.

Next time you start the game, the mission is 'unlocked' and visible in the mission menu.

//Sorry again, I have found no easier way to 'unlock' the missions, without playing them first. You are free to figure it out and share.

//... also - should go without saying - yes, this game is hard and there is pleasure in solving the puzzles or watching the stupid friendly AI using the wrong path. But some players have less time and should be allowed to play something else than the first mission again and again (though, there is value in that too, of course). If you feel you have to complain about 'cheaters' and 'cheating' as part of your philosophical objections ... this thread was not meant for that. Kindly, ignore it. Thank you.
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Sorry, but this not work. I try editing tank, her gun, ammo, mission in this pak archive, but game all my changes TOTALLY ignore. I'm totally desperate and can't explain it. Those changes simply have no effect. I'm absolutely sure I'm editing the right things. I set the T-34 tank to brutal armor, ammo amount, reload speed 0.5s, or move the owner of all units in the mission file - I overwrite "Player 2" to "Player 1", but after starting the game I find that the game completely ignores it...
Ahaaa!!! Solved! Game have folder "Resource/Patch". Files from patch folder have priority. Cheats now work! :)