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NOTE: This review is based upon playing the first two missions of the USSR campaign (plus a bit of the third) on Normal Difficulty.

SCORE: 4 out of 10

=======SHORT REVIEW======
I was expecting an RTS Table-Top like Wargame from this game, what I got was an almost unplayable RTS Wargame with RTS Stealth Strategy audio that eventually turned into an RTS Stealth Strategy game without view cones.

=======LONG REVIEW=======
The first USSR mission starts out like a classic RTS Wargame. Albiet, you don't have a ton of equipment (certainly not enough to realisticaly accomplish the task without TONS of thinking), there's not a lot of options in attack due to a minefield (you're pretty much forced to attack the front gate unless you want to pretend that your tank wouldn't get stuck in the mud of the river).

However, there's plenty of "action" and tank fighting, although most of it will be ambush based as you only have 1 tank, 1 gun truck, and 2 soldiers. There's plenty of enemy vehicles to F* around on too (like a motorcycle and Nazi car). That's kinda neat.

Also, it appears that Chekov guy from Star Trek is doing the voice work. Imagine if every other solider sounded like Chekov...I guess the USSR used Chekov clones in that war.

This is where the game got insane. You get two soldiers and must save some other soldiers from a huge assault which will include 1 armour personal carrier, 1 tank, and hundreds of soldiers who will continue to spawn even after you killed most of them. You start out with two handguns (although there's some dead bodies nearby that you can get weapons).

You then must make it to some weird "monastary", gather enough ammo and grenades to defeat the HUNDREDS of Nazi troops, all in a SHORT AMMOUNT OF TIME. It's almost impossible.

The stress is unbelievable and with Chekov repeatedly saying "Speak of the Devil" over and over as your mind grasps for ideas to win, you know this game stinks. Here's a hint to solving this level (but it will still take you 50 tries)...ONE of the soldiers near the APC has an anti-tank grenade.

After that last one, I was pretty fed up with this game. The third mission has 3 soldiers, and your supposed to navigate them through this town to some house that isn't marked...all undetected and such (much like an isometric RTS Stealth Game). However, without view cones, it's pretty lame.

I (hopefully) won't try to play this game again. It DOES have a lot of stuff RTS Wargammers would look for, but is missing some crucial elements (like movement calls from just get Chekov saying something stupid), and suffers from VERY BAD GAMING's much like GTA San Andreas that way (as is the training missions).

Not bad to have in your collection (in case the civilization collapses and you get stuck with a computer in a bomb shelter somewhere and could hack it into a cooler game), but hardly worth playing past the point it gets annoying.
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Well, I gave it another try, and the game is alot nicer if you turn the actor voices down (and the music!), forget about the plot too, just make up your own objectives.

Of note, the game's files are all in .pak files, which can be opened with 7-Zip. Don't know much more than that.

Why is that "Flipping Out" guy on the cover?