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I love this game. Currently on Prishib Station in Katyusha. The sound and graphics are fantastic. The only problem is, no railroad tracks are shown - only the gravel. No beams or cross-ties. Anybody else have this problem? Anybody know of a solution? Thanks in advance.
Yes I have the same issue - can't view railroad tracks.

Also when I am watching youtube videos/screenshots there are other graphical things missing such as small foot trails. Biggest thing is the black circles that show you where to put the wood piles for the "rescue" mission in 2nd campaign.
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Thank you for the reply. Anybody else have this problem? Is it the video board/driver on my specific computer? Can it be fixed? I love this game, and would like to play it to its full potential, if able. Thanks.
I have the latest and greatest drivers. Any ideas? Thanks.
I know this is an old thread but just in case anyone is still having this issue I managed to fix this problem by going to the video options and changing the shadow type to multiple shadow maps.
Now im sorry im necroposting but please,any solutions? Im running win 10 and i love this game, sad thing when you come back there is always a problem :(
Also checking to see if there has been a fix, Win 10 user.
If you have any problems with dissappearing elements (railoads, selection circles, shadows not showing up etc.), than try to use dgVoodoo 2. In my case I am using a 64-bit Windows 8.1 installation and dgVodoo 2.5.3 with an Skylake i3 CPU and Intel HD530 integrated card.

dgVoodoo 2 homepage:

Direct download for dgVoodoo v2.53 (released: 11.09.2016)

To install, simply extract the dgVoodooSetup.exe into you solders installation folder (default location: C:\GOG Games\Soldiers - Heroes of World War II) and the three .dll files you can find inside the MS folder.

Here are the configurations and some screenshots:
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Solution with dgVoodoo doesn't help, unfortunately. Game couldn't even start because of exception.
111.png (20 Kb)
Thank you OPstrator!

I had the same problem, where railroad lines, unit circles etc. wasn't visible.
dgVoodoo2 works, but I had to use v2.55.1 (the newest version was automatically deleted by Windows 10 as it says it contains a virus, so be a bit careful). I also used the D3DCompiler_47 and D3DRM.dll.

EDIT: Ironically though, now the introduction videos aren't working, only the text and sound. But that's a far lesser problem!
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