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So. I like to keep my character sheets and lists nice and clean, and I have no use for the pregens. It should be no problem to simply delete them, right? Especially since user-created characters have a nice little button in their in-game list that lets you delete them with one click. Nice, convenient, thumbs up.

But for some reason...
- Pregens do not have that button. Why?
- Pregens also include races/classes from the (overpriced) primal Calling DLC. If you, like me, do not own that, they are still present, tinted in red, cluttering my list.
- If you manually delete those pregens from Solasta's character folder, they get recreated every time you start the game.
- If you somehow prevent that restoration - e.g. by placing empty dummy files with the char names of the pregens in that folder - Solasta quits to desktop with an error message about data corruption.
- All that would only be irritating, but what tips this into "I can't even ignore it" is that the character list always defaults to showing all characters - instead of storing user preference as default (e.g. "user-created only").

Seriously: Not implementing base-line convenience features is bad enough, but to go out of their way to keep users from even working around them? What is the purpose of useless, self-restoring, undeletable characters, some of which I cannot even access? Who spent actual man hours on making sure that customers cannot curate their character lists as they see fit?

I would be nicer and more constructive if I thought the issue was new. But there are topics on TA's forums going back months, and nothing seems to have been done. And I gotta be honest, that "little" "feature" has soured my appetite for starting a fresh campaign considerably - it seems designed to push me into buying something I do not want to buy, and half the reason I buy on GOG is to get away from such shady and underhanded tactics.
Yes, that's among why I no longer play.