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Alright, this game is great and the storytelling is cool, especially in Lost Valley.
But this game has one of the most broken rng. Enemies usually make multiple natural 20's in a single turn while you usually cannot seem to make any damage or even hit.
I know you can sometimes have bad luck. But even with bad luck, there are some times where you can do something useful in a fight. Here I'm talking about never hitting the whole three projectiles of scorching ray with +8 bonus to hit. I'm talking about having an average hit die value of 6 for a d20. I can relate to my roleplay sessions with real dice or even other games as BG3, and here it's clearly not just bad luck.
I'm linking one of the many examples.
It's really frustrating when you're just playing to an unfair game and it kind of ruin the game experience, please fix this.
rng.png (55 Kb)
No, the RNG is NOT broken. On the STEAM forums about a year ago, we tracked and analyzed well over 1,000 die rolls from each of several persons.

Let me add too; That I did a 43 hr or so play through when the game 1st released. When this topic came up on the Steam forums, I recorded and analyzed EVERY D0 roll through out the entire play through. What did I find?

That the numbers 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 and 1-20 (25% of the possible range), each set occurred approx 25% of the time.(Maybe 1 was 24 and 2 were 25.4 and 25.6. But VERY close to spot on)

My parties rolls...same. Each group, be it 2 nrs )10%), 4 numbers (20%) etc; occurred with aa frequency equal to or nearly so, for each sets probabilities.

The RNG is NOT loaded. It is a classic example, of observational bias.
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Liendel: It's really frustrating when you're just playing to an unfair game and it kind of ruin the game experience, please fix this.
There is an option in the game's difficulty settings called "Karmic Dice". It's available when you enable custom difficulty, and what it does is when you experience a bad roll, the game assigns a bias that the next roll will be a good one. It is very unlikely that you would experience several bad rolls in a row and even if so, a great roll is practically guaranteed by the Karmic Dice.

If that is insufficient to satisfy your confirmation bias, you can also enable "Guaranteed Critical" in the same sub-menu to plow through the game even harder.

Solasta has insane number of difficulty options, so, if you are struggling, you can always tailor the game's behavior to your tastes.