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Hello there folks,

As we've received a few questions regarding the Mac & Linux version of Solasta on GOG, we thought it'd be better if we gave a clear answer somewhere everyone could read it. We currently do not intend to bring Solasta on Linux and Mac on GOG. As some of you may be wondering why we made that decision, I will go in more details below.

First, why no Mac version on GOG?
You are not without knowing that Tactical Adventures is a relatively small studio (less than 20 people) - which means we don't have someone dedicated to building and maintaining new versions of the game (usually called build manager). This means every time we add a new version, it complexifies and lengthens our QA time - as each version needs to be tested separately (since different bugs can creep in depending on the version) - and also makes us spend more time in debugging specific versions.

This in turn slows down everything else - working on new content, fixing bugs on the major versions (PC), etc etc. Combined with the fact that we are making very few sales with our Mac version on Steam (comparatively to our PC version), and that GOG remains much smaller than Steam in terms of playerbase, we just can't justify the cost of rolling out and maintaining a Mac version on GOG.

Second, why no Linux version (at all)?
For Linux, there are even fewer users than Mac players. On top of that, it's much less standardized than PC and Mac. There are thousands of distributions and versions for Linux, making it hard to have "a" Linux version that works for every Linux users. Also, we received the information that some users were able to play on Linux with Proton 6.3-8. This makes it even harder to justify than a Mac port, which means a Linux port is not planned for Solasta.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions!

Tactical Myzzrym
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