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Hey everyone. I recently (today) booted up Metal Slug X after a while of not playing it, and was met with an annoying sight: The mountains in background of the first stage of Mountain Slug X are shaking up and down like crazy, and I don't know why. I've tried evaluating the game files, I've tried clean wiping the game, I've tried everything, and yet the problem still persists :/

I don't know what might be causing it, but I hope this problem can be fixed, since it didn't originally happen, and naturally it's not supposed to happen either. Please and thank you.
I also tried to install the game just directly from the installer you can get off of GOG itself, but the problem was there, even after preventing it from syncing with cloud files. I hope this can be sorted out, since it appears that the game itself is just bugged :c
Post edited December 16, 2019 by thierrywilliamson