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I was trying to play recently released SNK games in OpenEmu - perhaps this quick guide will help somebody as well:

1) Install or Download SNK game - I'll use Metal Slug as an example:
- In Galaxy go to the library, if the game has official macOS support - just install it
- If the game doesn't have macOS support make sure you're not filtering to macOS only (LIBRARY > ALL MY GAMES). Don't use Install in this case as it'll obviously fail, instead select BACKUPS & GOODIES and download macOS archive manually
- Manual downloads from work as well

2) After step 1 you'll end up with Metal in the folder you've installed it to (/Applications in my case). If you downloaded goodie you'll have Metal in ~/Downloads - unpack to get Metal, either way make sure you have the application package

3) Right click this package and select "Show Package Contents", then navigate to Contents > Resources and copy - or other .zip with the ROM for the game (another one I've tried was Blazing Star - Paste that file into some folder (e.g. ~/Downloads)

4) (Skip if already done so) In OpenEmu make sure you have MAME core installed. To do so, launch OpenEmu go to Preferences > Cores and install MAME (it'll be 0.149.1). Don't forget to enable Arcade library in Preferences > Library > Available Libraries:

5) Now the tricky part - you'll need to find the correct BIOS for MAME 0.149, unfortunately the one supplied in the package doesn't work. The one I've got had md5 2cd2ed0b076860813c776d1584fc3d84

6) Unpack both and Copy all files from neogeo folder to mslug folder. Select all files in mslug folder, right click and select Compress (number of) items. Rename archive to

7) Drag this to OpenEmu and assuming you're on Arcade Library (or show all games) - you'll see new entry titled "Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001". Don't forget to find the cover you'll like and drag it over the entry! GOG game shelf images work great for that purpose.