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I beat the game on easy without continuig as Freeman, the achievements appeared in the achievements gallery but no Galaxy chime and they did not appear on my feed either, and now that I've reloaded the game they're gonethat's weird.

I had tinkered with the Input Delay data, are you supposed to get them by playing only with default settings?

EDIT: Just unlocked a gallery picture and while Galaxy syncs my saves, it doesn't save when I quit the game, what is going on? The achievementsd unlock even when using custom options (Level 1, Inf time and Demo cut) but the game doesn't seem to want to save them? What gires?
Not that I couldn't live wiyhout them but it's frustrating, especially since I managed to get Freeman's true ending twice...

Can anyone help me?
Post edited December 18, 2023 by Megacyclo