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Patch 1.03 (28 November 2019)

• Fixed - Random Crash on AI path finder.
• Fixed - Random crash in AI behavior tree.
• Fixed - Random crash on C4 detonation.
• Fixed - The silencer sound bug on the Soris T50. The silencer works but the sound is still loud like when unsilenced.
• Fixed - Collectibles should be visible on map.
• Fixed - Scope zeroing after loading checkpoint - elevation is reset to 0.
• Fixed - Attachments description for BLOWER
• Fixed - Attachments description for STURM - PRECISION
• Fixed - Attachments description for XCR 700
• Fixed - Attachments description for SORIS T50
• Fixed - Attachments description for OFB SVD
• Fixed - Attachments description for RB 82
• Fixed - Attachments description for ESR 2020
• Fixed - Attachments description for KSV 2020
• Fixed - Attachments description for EMS SR 25
• Fixed - Attachments description for GASTON 21
• Fixed - Attachments description for GUSS M9
• Fixed - Attachments description for ROTWEIL M23
• Fixed - Scopes description for HUB-93
• Fixed - Scopes description for HJ 7.62
• Fixed - Scopes description for SV - AMUR
• Improved - Fast travel turn off while there is active bounty.
• Improved - Mouse pointer in menu.
• Fixed - 100% competition on each map. Bounties does not register after restart.
• Fixed - Ambient audio after hiding in box.
• Improved - Added loot marker on bounty body.
• Improved - Added pop-up info when you see jammer for the first time.
• Improved - New / changed localization strings.
• Improved - Grass vegetation pierceability.
• Fixed - Issue with counting contract points for completing challenges.
• Gadgets capacity change after throwing stone was fixed.
• Improved - Minor fixes on maps where player could stuck.
• We added information about saving loadout during gameplay.
• We added "T" and "F" button for "binoculars" and "use gadgets" in keyboard settings.

Altai Mountains
• Fixed - Issue with laptop on Altai Mountains used to hack drones appear highlighted in scout mode after drones have already been hacked or destroyed.
• Improved - Fast travel point in Altai Mountains.

Kolchak Harbor
• Fixed issue with spawning near to AI after save after killing target on Kolchak Harbor.
• Moved save trigger on Kolchak Harbor map farther from enemy AI.
• Fixed - A bug with repeating dialogue in canal outpost.
• Fixed - Issue with laptops on Kolchak Harbor used to hack turrets appear highlighted in scout mode after turrets have already been hacked or destroyed.
• Fixed - NPC pathing issues in canals area on Kolchak Harbor.
• Removed faulty ex-nav from track vehicle in Containers area on Kolchak Harbor.
• Solved - Issue with bounty on Kolchak Harbor map which was falling to the water after kill.
• Removed - Unnecessary navmesh around destroyable vehicles throughout the map on Kolchak Harbor.
• Pair of guards in Containers on Kolchak Harbor area will no longer split during their patrol.
• Two guards of target bounty, under bridge on Kolchak Harbor, will now properly conduct their patrols.
• Some NPCs in Warehouses area will no longer spawn / de-spawn when player is inside the Icebreaker on Kolchak Harbor.
• GAZ in Warehouses on Kolchak Harbor area will no longer be permanently occupied by gunner - instead when no alarm gunner walks around it and can be shoot.

Beketov Valley
• Fixed - Problem with disappearing AI on vn Beketov Valley while looking on villa building.

Arakcheyev Fortres
• Antanasia on Arakcheyev Fortres will no longer stuck during one of her patrol routes.
• Fixed - Arakcheyev Fortress region challenge - Misleading description now its correct - The player has to kill 5 enemies.

Sibirskaya - 7 junction
• Invisible ladders removed from train wagons.
• Fixed - Issue with some cables hanging in the air.
• Fixed problem that sometimes NPCs are walking into geometry endlessly in Underground area.
• Ziplines will no longer cause player to fall down from the train wagon.
• One of the ziplines from Dam area made higher to prevent possibility of player falling down at the end.
• Added - Missing strategic points info on the map.
• Truck on HQ was moved to different position which prevents physics issues.
• Extreme navigations corrected on one of the side-entrances to HQ.
• Fixed - Issue with player being able to hang endlessly after climbing the train cart in valley next to the starting area.
• Radio station used to lure target / alert outpost is now visible in scout mode.
• Various fixes to vegetation clipping and terrain texture stretching.

If you encounter any problem please contact us on, we will do our best to fix them in next patch.
Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 29 November 2019: 1.024 ⇒ 1.031
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Patch 1.04 (05 Devember 2019)

• Fixed - [Weapons] - [UI] - Armor Piercing bullet icon doesn't fit its window and is enlarged
• Fixed - [Weapon] - Some bullets are not properly scaled compared to normal-sized bullets
• Improved -UI add back button
• Improved - AI squad missions
• Improved - AI might seemingly 'ignoring' the target in certain situations
• Improved - Optimization on lights prefabs
• Improved - Mi17 Explosion Range and Pressure
• Fixed - Issue where mine trigger was not registered again after loading last checkpoint
• Fixed - Issue with CCTV camera cones (unlocked with skill) being visible when player reloaded last checkpoint during active scout mode.
• Fixed - Explosions heat in thermal vision corrected
• Fixed - Reward tokens for bounty complete

Altai Mountains
• Fixed - One light in Outpost 1 is flickering, doesn't shine (but gives light around) and after destruction
• Fixed - After searching Dead Spy body, reloading last checkpoint and interrogating Officer about Dead Spy in Forest Area near campfire, Dead Spies location stays in map forever
• Fixed - After killing Ivanovsky and picking up virus samples, proper VO is not played
• Fixed - Dialogues are overlapping when moving under a pipe
• Fixed - Snowstorm- Exfiltrate after challenge (second playthrough)
• Fixed - Bounty melee kill with auto loot will now not display Location to loot body

Kolchak Harbor
• Fixed - Unable to use exfil after completing all contracts
• Improved - C4 location while using scanning mode
• Added Ex-nav to lower edges of helipad in Containers area on Kolchak Harbor.
• Fixed - When Player saves game by exiting Control Room through openable doors and load last checkpoint - textures don't load until any movement
• Fixed - Soldiers which cross the bridge disappear if Seeker goes down enters the hotel using main entrance and gets back using sniping spot
• Fixed - AI Soldier may shoot Player through concrete barrier in Containers area when he stands close to it
• Fixed - extreme navigations from metal barriers under Helipad
• Fixed - Player may stuck in water in Warehouse area AND water doesn't give freeze damage there
• Fixed - Villa - Possibility to stuck in wall on save inside villa
• Fixed - Bounty mele with auto loot will now not display Location to loot body

Beketov Valley
• Fixed - VIlla - Exfiltrate after challenge (second playthrough)
• Improved - Challenge stealth kills changed to knife kills (interrogation, throwing knives, melee kills)
• Fixed - Bounty mele kill with auto loot will now not display Location to loot body

Arakcheyev Fortres
• Improved - Enable layer activation - should improve slightly the performance
• Fixed - Passing through layer switcher in Antanasia's bunker makes snow on pipes disappear
• Fixed - Bounty melee kill with auto loot will now not display Location to loot body

Sibirskaya - 7 junction
• Fixed - VO are overlapping upon fast traveling to the location near the Fortress
• Improved - Moved Interest Point so that NPC does not fall off the ledge
• Fixed - Fuse Box in first outpost has no collision in main switcher box - Player can't destroy it by shooting, only to the doors of it
• Fixed - Player may jump over the dam and get stuck there
• Fixed - Vehicle explosion trigger challenge
• Fixed - Bounty melEe kill with auto loot will now not display Location to loot body

Fixed multiple other small bugs related to level design on all maps.

If you encounter any problem please contact us on, we will do our best to fix them in next patch.
Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 05 December 2019 with no changelog: 1.031 ⇒ 1.032
Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 06 December 2019: 1.032 ⇒ 1.04
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Patch 1.05 (19 December 2019)

Patch notes from Steam:
This patch includes a number of bug fixes and improvements made to the game. Please read through the patch notes to see what’s been changed.

• Fixed - Random crash while playing contracts.
• Stability issues further improvements.
• Save System further improvements.
• Fixed - Problem that some players didn’t get tokens from objectives.
• Now all shotguns provide vibration feedback for controllers.
• Fixed - Problem where there are no possibilities to looting bounties’ body.
• Fixed - Problem where video settings are not saved.
• Fixed - Problem when player can get stuck after planting a mine under a building.
• Resolved - Problem where player has no ability to tag drones after reloading save.
• Fixed - Problem where player has issues switching ammo in shotguns.
• Fixed - Where enemies that are running to cover after an explosion sometimes ignore the player.
• Fixed - Minor bugs with localization.
• Improved - Minor fixes on maps where player could get stuck.

Altai Mountains
• Fixed - Dialogue overlapping in some situations.
• Improved - Extreme navigation on levels.
• Improving sequence where AI will now return to route after being interrupted.

Kolchak Harbor
• The indicator for completed objectives no longer appears after the load.

Beketov Valley
• Villa`s modules lod settings fix.
• Spawning points after "load last checkpoint" are fixed.
• Fixed - Invisible stairways at Dacha.
• Fixed - Minor bugs with shadows.
• Added - Missing extreme navigations in some places.

Arakcheyev Fortres
• Redundant Mortar remove from barracks.
• Traffick System fix on barracks area.
• Fixed - Player receiving a double reward for completing the Antanasia contract.

Sibirskaya - 7 junction
• Fixed - Challenge where player is asked to kill Kurchatov from 100m+, this now works properly.

If you encounter any problem please contact us on, we will do our best to fix them in next patch.
Standalone installer not updated to 1.05.


Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 13 January 2020 with no changelog: 1.04 ⇒ 1.051
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Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 22 January 2020 with no changelog: 1.051 ⇒ 1.052
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Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 28 May 2020 with no changelog: 1.052 ⇒ 1.073
Added Japanese localization (text)
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Patch 1.08 (25 January 2021)

• Numerous crash, memory leak, and random freeze fixes.
• Fixed potential artifact issues on some objects.
• Fixed issues with Razer keyboards.
• Improved antialiasing.
• Added detection for very high spec and newer CPUs.
• Improved the boot sequence of the game.
• Fixed Sturm Military 45 placeholder issues when using various magazines and collimators.
• A few minor performance improvements.
• Fixed a potential BSOD.
• Removed Easy AntiCheat.
• Added wallpapers and Halloween skins.
Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 26 January 2021: 1.073 ⇒ 1.08