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Stupid question: it seems there is no printable keyboard / controller button map or did I just miss something? I know they are probably "standard" for a lot of things but it sure would be nice not to have to keep hitting pause / help then diving into menus and paging though a "map", then resuming using the found key / button, getting another 30 sec of play before having to repeat the process.

I'm not an avid game player, but every once in a while I just have to "kill" someone! Not having a keyboard / controller button map to look at without having to leave the play kinda prevents me from playing as much as I'd like.
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well.. i don't have any answer for you, but... I'm exactly in the same position..
it's sad not having any controller layout at all...!
I know, Manuals are things from the past
(young players can't read at all ???) but frankly it's annoying ... !