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When it comes to 3rd person games I'm very picky when it comes to how the character controls, and I don't like the way the player character controls are done in this game. Especially considering just how improved they were in the first game.

The thing with 3rd person games and the main reason why I think devs should comic to either 3rd person or first person is because the way 3rd person games control is quite different from how a first person game controls. (at least it should)

One quick way to see if the game is doing inertia and moment correctly is to press the S key or press down on the analog stick if you're using a controller. The player character should turn around and run toward the screen; and I do mean turn they shouldn't instantly flip stance, and they shouldn't keep their backs at the screen. This is how every Zelda game works. It's how Witcher 2 and 3, GTA series, Saints Row series. And of course Sniper Elite 4. But in Sniper Elite 2 it feels like a first person game in 3rd person from the awkward way in which the play character's back is glued to the screen.