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There's no user manual, which isn't helpful for people like me who can be complete planks at times!

Can anyone tell me what combination of keys or mouse buttons will capture a part of the environment and paste it so the avatar may use it? I can copy and paste, even rotate, but the pasted image never stays, it vanishes immediately.

I bought the game for my girls and even they are foxed!

Many thanks :)
Post edited November 25, 2012 by TINZ
In case you haven't yet figured out, it's left mouse button for photo/copy and right mouse button for paste; but only few objects in the environment can be photographed - those that get highlighted while in cursor focus!

Still, you're very right. I would have needed a manual too...

Look forward to the elephants!
Post edited November 25, 2012 by Vainamoinen
Thanks, I eventually worked out that you can only photograph specific things. I had mistakenly thought that you could photo anything and was sat there, like a muppet, clicking away at all and sundry lol! ... must be getting old!

It does look like a cool game, so I'll see how our little ones get on with it!