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Completed Snapshot. This little puzzle platformer isn't really so little - seems like I got around thirty hours or so to get 100 percent of the medals. Shouldn't be attempted with a controller as despite all appearances, a mouse is pretty much required to play this game with any degree of skill, and to avoid ragequitting on the tougher stages. It's really a pretty great game with an interesting and unique mechanic and tight controls if using kb + m. On the negative side, the game has some nasty bugs that really shouldn't be there considering how easy they are to replicate - vsync is pretty much broken, so there's lots of screen tearing, replaying stages frequently crashes the game, having a clone in your inventory crashes the game upon exiting a stage, etc. The ending consists of storyboards written in such small type (at least on ordinary desktop resolutions) that I almost went blind trying to read them, which is a really poor way to reward the player for finishing the game. But all that aside, a fine effort and I'm glad I picked it up.