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high rated
Smuggler V: Invasion

Update for patch 1.6b / GOG-4 (added 10.07.2015):

- Bug fixed (Invasion): In the Smugglers 5 Invasion DLC: "Warrior Within" there was a freezing bug in the "Golden Claw" storyline when you Stoyline step "Fraz Trokar (1)" when you Visited the moon in the Hrrashnath system.
- Bug fixed (Invasion): In the Smugglers 5 Invasion DLC: "Warrior Within" the descriptions for the stories Golden Claw and Warrior Within were reversed.
- Bug fixed (Invasion): There as a freeze when revisiting the Rasguul Base exploration story (in one of the three available storylines for this planet).
- Bug fixed (Invasion): Graphic bug where there were switched left/right pictures for Jalkath carrier
- Bug fixed (Invasion): There was a reference to 5 factions when you founded your pirate empire (in Invasion there are only 2 + your own faction).
high rated
Smugglers V + Smugglers V: Invasion

Changelog for update 1.7 / GOG-19 (Windows) / GOG-13 (Mac) (added 27 September 2016):

- Technical revisions (Sourcecode and compiler)
- Bug fixed: There were some rare reports on Windows 10 when at startup the game showed error messages looking for a file, which was correctly in the game folder.
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