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Two weeks max. (if nothing goes seriously wrong).
Here is a list of some improvements (copied from another thread but posted here for clarity)

1) Minimize the amount of popups after each battle. Summarize experience, loot, droids etc. on one pop-up. This will make it look cleaner.

2) Make it possible to enter the main menu from every screen. There are times when you just know you want to reload or quit the game but you have to wait to the star system-screen. (I think saves should still be limited as it is right now)

3) When using the "trader" ability display high and low values in each system. possibly marking the highest and lowest value in a different color.

4) When you destroy an enemy space station during an invasion without first taking a mission, you won't get credits for conquering the system. Please fix this.

5) Skip or fix the caves under Murmansk. I was stuck for 20 minutes going left/right (Well, you get the feeling of being lost alright) and was finally "rescued" by the game crashing, forcing me to reload a previous game.
Tutorial bug with the latest build.

Unable to buy supplies as the initial planet does not have any in stock. Restarting the tutorial several times should allow you to work around it.
File not found when entering combat flying a treasure ship. (Left side treasureship images missing)

Also, the game is too easy flying the orca corvette (having emp and 1hit - 1kill missiles that strikes in 1 turn, with extra ecm resistance...) That's my opinion anyway...

Edit: The game sometimes freezes when ordering your fleet to attack. (OS X, v1.12)
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I've noticed a bug in the Tutorial. During a battle, when I tried to activate the "ECM" button at the bottom-left, it returned an error message. Here is a screenshot.
Would it be fine if I posted bugs for the Invasion DLC 'Warrior Within'? Because right off the bat, I have found a bug regarding that.

In the background story selection screen, 'The Warrior Within' has the description text for 'The Golden Claw', and vice versa.

EDIT: Actually, make that quite a few bugs. For starters, the background story icon never updates with your current objective, which means that, if you ever forget where you're supposed to go, you're screwed.

Also, in the Golden Claw story, when I reach the Moon in Hrrasnath and I get the message about Fraz Trokar having been taken by the authorities, the next message I get is entering the Ssenguan pirate enclave and talking to Karl Trokar, sending me back to the waypoint before this one. The storyline, right now, is unwinnable by design.
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