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I want to share this, as I it might be useful for other Linux gamers. For unknown reasons, when launching Slipstream on KDE Plasma and you have the screen suspension on, if you play with a game controller, the screen would blank as you are not doing activities.

This doesn't happen when playing with the keybord as every key stroke would be recoded as user activity.

The workaround consists in doing a background cycle of fake activity in the script.

Add this at the beginning of the run_game () function:

while [ $PLAYING -ne 0 ]; do
qdbus org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver /ScreenSaver SimulateUserActivity
sleep 1m
PLAYING=$(pgrep -c slipstream)
done &

This cycle will run in background (the & after "done) and checks every minute if the game process is still running, if that's the case, it will fake user activity with a dbus command.
Post edited June 30, 2019 by g.reventlov