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(This is my first time posting on a forum so I hope I'm conveying and structuring the question right. English isn't my mother tongue either, so please excuse any spelling/grammatical errors or faulty use of words. Cheers!)

I'm really loving this game so far, but I'm having problems changing lanes while drifiting; specifically when going for the apex of a turn. Let's say I start drifting, but end up in the outer lane of the turn. (see attachments) No matter how much I try, I can't for the life of me escape the outer lane, and consequently, end up losing speed or spinning out. Another example is when you slipstream another car and want to go around it but the lack of control in turning makes it impossible and only ends up in the player crashing into said car, losing speed and launching them forward.
I've tried to fix this by:
- Braking, but that just slows down/stops the car and doesn't seem to affect turn control.
- Letting go of the accelerate button, which also just slows down the car.
Now, I'm mainly playing the game on the hardest difficulty driving the Epsilon, which has the best handling out of all the cars in the game. I'm assuming handling is referred to as turn control, but I've yet to experience it handling better than the other cars (granted, I haven't tried all of them yet.)
Another favorite game of mine, Top Gear for the SNES, allowed you to utilize the hand brake if you got stuck in the outer lane of a corner. (see attachments) It didn't tank your speed like crazy and let you dodge cars in front of you/side barriers, and ultimately rewarded the player for quick thinking and not just holding the accelerate button. It was mechanically viable and left it to the player to think and drive skillfully to get ahead. In contrast, Slipstream seems to leave it to chance if you're going to be able to pass a car/hit the side barriers while cornering. I think the game would only benefit from a mechanic like Top Gear's.

Is there any technique or mechanic that I'm missing, or is it designed to be this way?
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