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high rated
Questions to the Developer "Fabraz" and his Answers - a mini FAQ

1) Is the GOG version supporting shared/split screen Coop and/or PvP,
as is said about the Steam version?
(GOG is presenting your game as Single Player only - so it would make
a big difference if the GOG version supports it, too.)
[Personally I favor local Co-op games under GNU/Linux ...]
> The multiplayer aspects of the game are unlockable mini games and GoG has all of them!
> Some are split-screen and some are shared screen.

2) Can the game run under 4k resolution (especially if split screen is used)?
> 4K should be no problem as long as the aspect ratio stays near 16:9ish.

3) Is the level editor still missing - and if so are there plans for the near future to change that.
> It is and there aren't any plans for it currently. It heavily uses Steam's SDKs.

4) Are there plans to make a soundtrack DLC for the GOG version.
> There are currently no plans to distribute the soundtrack anywhere else.
> All of it is available to listen to for free on Spotify though!

5) Will the GOG version be kept up to date (i.e. same level as the Steam version is) - and
what is the current state concerning fixed bug differences between Steam and GOG.
[A changelog being available would be great.]
> It is and will remain to be up to date simultaneously with the Steam version.

Thanks a lot to "Fabraz" (see for the answers as mailed on 26. May 2020.
And I do hope it will help other GOG gamers, too.

From my point of view the game is now much more interesting than it was
with the mere information available on the GOG product page plus one review
and no forum contribution at all ... so plenty space to evolve.

Post edited May 26, 2020 by JMB9