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Hi, I cannot see the 2.1 version in GOG, I only can download and install 2.0. 2.1 was out around 6 weeks ago, where is the gog 2.1 version of Slay the Spire?
You're right, Galaxy2 version is told 2.0 ingame, despite its last patch is from 6th July.
Post edited September 12, 2020 by ERISS
In game version is still 2.0 from January...
Don't worry, we are looking into this.
Thank you
It has been updated today, thanks again :)
Can you please also update the libgdx199.main branch? It is still on 2.0. This branch is important to me since it fixes some flickering issues.
The libgdx199.main branch has been updated today :).
Offline patch brings up a 404 error fyi.